Album Review: Imperium – R.A.I.D.


Hyderabad based band R.A.I.D have recently released a 6 track, 20 minute hardcore/thrash crossover album in the vein of Hatebreed titled “Imperium”. This is R.A.I.Ds 2nd album and it’s released through Rottweiler Records which is pretty pertinent cause this album may just bite you if you let it. 

Listening and looking through the album’s lyrics R.A.I.D have their faith but don’t let that fool you, these are some angry fellows that predominantly sing about strength, resolve and testicular fortitude in the face of adversity which is something that we all strive for and if church typically sung songs of this nature they would most probably be full on any given day.

Putting all that aside, “Imperium” would totally be one of the albums you would listen to if you were off to battle and needed to get some swagger before confronting the enemy or just needed to get pumped up before your local weekend sporting event. This is because the lead singer is fearsome in roaring out the lyrics and this is backed up with some splendid jackhammer riffs, cracking drums and Punk styled aggressive melodies.

If your still unsure, then you specifically need to have a listen to “Unbreakable”, “Judged” and the title track “Imperium”. For me, these are the tracks that really illustrate what R.A.I.D are all about. They have a fuck you attitude combined with a no-frills musicianship which is mixed excellently with equal parts of Punk, Thrash and even some Groove that genuinely typifies their interpretation of Hardcore/Thrash Crossover.

R.A.I.D aren’t trying to be anything other than what they are, which is no gimmicks and street level solidity, with none of that refined sweet-sounding type vocals or opus length guitar leads, so don’t just sit there, go get yourself a copy of “Imperium”. You won’t be disappointed 

Rating – 4/5

Get some!

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