Album Review: Foretold Monuments Of Flesh – KHNVM


The Great Mackintosh, that being yours truly, has not had the best of years in this, the year of some halfwit’s lord 2019. Up, down, left, right, choose a direction and something shitty has happened to him. And for sure life is like that, he could be far worse off, but suffice it to say, it’s been a stinker. On the review front, he has not been able to get as much done as he wanted, and is rapidly paddling back upstream as fast as he can to make amends. He is also referring to himself in the third person as you can see, because he can be a bit of a strange fucker to say the very least.

That then brings him, or me, I don’t know because I’m now confused but will roll with it anyway to this release by the totally fucking sick KHNVM. The band comprises of one Mr. Krysztof Klingbein on the skins, possibly some dude named Erik helped as well on the drums, (their info can be a bit hazy), and another man who goes by the very apt name of Obliterator. Mr. Showmik Das, of another band that in no way shape or form should you have missed, Nekrohowl, takes on the guitar, the bass, and them oh so foul vocals. Nekrohowl’s debut EP “Epitome of Morbid” was quite simply that, and here is some waffle I spewed forth upon its release for our brother site, MoshPitNation.

That this is their debut EP, is quite literally fucking astounding. Displaying the technical ability of a band ten times their age, Nekrohowl jump out of the gates of Hades and go straight for the throat in a brutal and vicious attack that will leave you wondering what the fuck just happened to you. Yes, the intro is going to lull you into a false sense of security, as it did me, but best prepare yourself. Don your armour, gather the younglings near, and maybe grab some extra padding just in case.

I did say it was waffle, so if your eyes hurt after reading, may I suggest you bathe them in salty water, or maybe even just ask a friend (politely mind you), to remove them for you so you will never have to see such tripe again. So, after that fucking mammoth effort, our good friend Showmik had to move to Germany for reasons of his own, but the creative urge doesn’t leave these types now does it, so he just decided to put together another project,and the result is the very one we now speak of. The added bonus is that not only do KHNVM ramp up the brutal and the vicious, they don’t try and lull you into a sense of false security at all to start with, they just fuck you up without even asking you out for dinner first. Nope, not even a kiss.

Titular track “Foretold Monuments Of Flesh” is two things. First, as stated, it is the title track which means the album is also called that just in case you are daft (and maybe also I haven’t mentioned it yet), and then second it is a massive riff orientated piece of utter madness. Showmik knows his stuff, and he knows how to pace a song so that it doesn’t bore the listener. This is Death Metal done spectacularly well, and you can switch and swap references all you like, but that won’t change a thing. What you get here is what you see on that cover ladies and germs, one big giant writhing mass of joy exterminating brilliance.

Take track three if you will, “Heathen Beast”. Certainly a lot more mid paced to begin with, and an education in the previously mentioned pacing. Add to that the mind-blowing ability Showmik has to play the living bejesus out of the guitar and bass, not to mention them vocals, and tell me if this is not a thing of horrid beauty. Move forward to “Profaning The Ancient Rites” for a damn good punch to the rib cage that will leave you breathless, and then “Gutted To The Bone” for another example of Death Metal done just right. Sure, there are only so many words that I can come up with to describe this stuff, because you may think that the subject matter of Death Metal HAS been done to death, but when a band this bloody solid comes along you at least have to give it a shot.

Crunchy bits. Check. Brutal bits. That’s a definite yes. Melody, in there for sure. Direction spot on. Replay value infinite. Does this make all your Death Metal dreams come true? I don’t fucking know because you may well think that Mutt Lange did a great job making Bryan Adams, Def Leppard and Shania Twain all sound so original and different that you made his coffers overflow with your hard earned dosh. I’m gonna say that this is right up there, so very well right up there indeed with what we all want from our chosen form of excellence, that it is a must have. And that’s enough for me.

Rating – 5/5

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