Album Review: Encomium of Depraved Spirits – Sarinvomit / Eggs of Gommorh


Hot off the heels of reviewing Eggs of Gomorrh’s “Outpregnate”, I am happy to say, but wait, there’s more. Yes, here they are again bringing their own particular style of Blackened Death Metal to the fore with a split EP with Istanbul’s (or Constantinople’s, or even Byzantium’s if you go far back enough) very own well fucked up son’s, Sarinvomit, who lean towards a more Blackened Thrash style, and a very nasty piece of work with Eggs of Gomorrh’s  “Encomium of Depraved Instincts” is. From each band you get two new tracks, and two live tracks, and this is certainly nothing to be sneezed at, thrown up upon, nor taken lightly if you are a fan, as am I.

First cab off the fuck you with a rusty razorblade rank is Sarinvomit, and they well earn that last bit, the vomit bit, becasue I challenge YOU to sing as flat out as our good friend Tyrannic here without needing to lose your lunch. Two tracks of sheer unadulterated batshit crazy arsed tunes await. If “The Glorious Might of Deccal” (and lord knows we all love a good sticker….), doesn’t get your blood pumping, and make you have the urge to suddenly declare a new Crusade just out of the blue in front of all your lazy arsed mates, then show them “Screwing the Nailed Prophets”. Yes, they may think you are into some weird twisted shit, but they probably already know that, that’s why they are your friends loser.

Live tracks “Spreading VX Gas Over Kaaba”, and “Pandemonic Radiation Descends” are a showcase that yes, live, these fuckers still sound like a swarm of very angry wasps, that are proficient with six instruments each, and are in the mood to show you a damn good time with some poison and a glowing object that may very well end up in your backside. All jokes aside, this is some seriously heavy shit. 

Rating – 4/5

Next come our Eggy friends. On the last release they left us wondering about the capability of that bastard hellspawn that came kicking and screaming into this shitty world from his horrid mother, with that kind of gleam in his eye that means you are totally fucked. Does he live up to his potential? Of fucking course he does! They destroy you with “Redemption Martyr”, and then without an apology at all throw “Shrine of Disgust” at you, which contains some mid paced riffery to die for in parts, and is to quote a phrase “As sick as fuck”. The beast grows, and it is hungry, and you are on it’s ‘soon to be shat out of my rear end after I digest you’ list.

Live tracks “Goat Inkvizitor” (I don’t think anyone would suspect a goat inquisitor, they usually just eat grass, and tin cans, and.. Well shit, don’t often ask many questions), and “Whore of Sodom”, whom I have heard doesn’t like glowing objects up her backside, are just as fucked up flat out as Sarinvomit’s previous tracks. This is the kind of stuff you play whilst Constantinople burns, and you laugh whilst cooking an omelette made from that bitch mother’s afterbirth. On a side note, I am allergic to eggs, they make me vomit.

Rating – 4/5

The perfect combination on one release? That’s a fucking HUGE hell yes from me, and in all seriousness, just fucking wow. You may have to be in the right kind of mood to appreciate what is on offer here, but when you are, oh them feels. That’s a combined 8/10 for me, I have no idea what an “Encomium of Depraved Spirits” is, but both bands deserve much high praise!

Final Rating – It’s just up there, have another look.

Boiling, spewing, greatness!

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