Album Review: The Great War – Sabaton

032121Here it is Metal fans, the release you’ve been waiting for since 2016. Yeah, it has been that long since we’ve had a collection of war themed metal from Sabaton and this one is focused on World War I. “The Great War” (pretty clever title there) features 11 tracks totalling just over 38 minutes, so easily listened to in one sitting.

Not familiar with Sabaton? Well here’s a short bio. Around since 1999, Sabaton have nine full length albums, including “The Great War”. Over the past 20 years, they’ve had dozens of singles, many tours around the world, and a line up change or two. They even have a YouTube Channel about their history (below). Throughout the years, Sabaton have remained the Power Metal provider of both historical, and war themed music.

Official Sabaton YouTube Channel

There is enough music here that you can for sure find a favourite track. I happen to like track five, “Devil Dogs”. The war finds us in 1918 when the US joins the battle, showing the world how bad ass the US Marines are. Now not everyone is a fan of Sabaton, but if you happen to be a current or former US Marine, you should feel a certain amount of pride that you belong to a fraternity of brothers (and sisters) who inspired this song. The writer of “Devil Dogs” certainly considers you BA.

Track number seven, the title track “Great War”, is a sobering tune, detailing the horrific nature of being a soldier in one of these wars. More young men never left the battlefield than returned home. Sort of a tribute to the Lost Generation. Definitely the highlight of the album.

While not every Metal fan is into Power Metal, some respect should be given to Sabaton and their efforts to bring the conflicts of the past into the present through their music. Think of their art as an alternative to a history book or movie. Another glimpse into the past through music, the language which has no generational boundaries. 

Did I convince you to check out Sabaton? Yes, well sit back, grab your favourite libation, and get ready for your history lesson.

045674Listen to “The Great War” for a look into the past. Much better than a high school history class.

Rating:  3/5

Re-live the War to End All Wars below

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