Premiere: Barbarous Temperament – Trench Warfare

trench warfare

If the very name Trench Warfare doesn’t give you an insight into what this band sounds like, then you are either a fool, or a clown of the highest order. Nasty, like a grenade in your trench when you least expect it whilst you are on the shitter.. Heavy like the dead dude that just fell over with a bullet in his head because he was stupid enough to stick his head out over the top of said trench and have a bit of a squiz. You are carrying his body, and are covered in his brain, and fecal matter. Yes, this is the shit.

It’s short, it’s sharp (like that bayonet poking through your third rib), and doesn’t fuck around.

Transcending Obscurity Records, yep, they are also the shit. Get on it! It’s out now, and here is a link you can grab it through!

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