Album Review: Tryptamyne -Tryptamyne


Christ on a stick! What is going on in music lately? Where the fudge-knuckle are the bands who can barely play their instruments? I’ve been part of the metal community for 25+ years and, when we started, we couldn’t play for shit. Now metal is full of gun musicians. That said, in the 25+ years I have often wondered when I’d see a serious Jazz/Death Metal hybrid. Well, Tryptamyne are it. And, it’s magic! 

The first song, “Supplicants”, is barely a minute long, but Tryptamyne manage to cram Tech DM, key changes, and a vaguely Bossa Nova-esque riff into this piece. Some people will probably hate this, but I love it. It’s the bastard love child of Les Claypool, Miles Davis, and Chuck Schuldiner.

The second song, “Heteroskedasticity”, is a similar length to the first. At this rate, I’ll be through Tryptamyne‘s debut EP in four or five minutes. “Heteroskedasticity” is just as ambitious in its attempt to combine styles, and probably even more chaotic than the first track. It’s my favourite!

The third song, “Learn“, is more controlled. That’s probably not the right word to describe this song because the riffs are pretty involved, which is particularly noticeable in both the bass work and the drumming towards the end of the song. Parenthetically, the bass player is a fucking beast. Well, they’re all more than proficient at their instruments. But, I’m a bass player so when I hear someone pull off the shit this guy does, I have to sing their praises. But, I digress. Learn is as close to a mainstream song as Tryptamyne get. There’s no verse/chorus structure as such, but they only use clean vocals and stick loosely to one style. 

There comes a time in everyone’s career when you have to admit to yourself that your musical skills are inferior in every way to those of the people whose music you’re reviewing and, as such, you have no business critiquing said music. Today is that day for me. It was a pleasure to be humbled by Tryptamyne.

Rating – 5/5

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