Album Review: Excruciating Extermination – Horrific Demise

horrific demise

The start of Horrific Demise‘s “Excruciating Extermination” is a little Spanish-inspired acoustic piece. This is how you do Intros people! Short. Layered. Interesting. “Born From Brutality” then launches a furious attack on your self-esteem as a songwriter. The first thing you’ll notice is the drumming. Fark! This dude is quick and tighter than a fish’s arse. Seriously! There’s some kicker work in “Cleansing the Putrescence” that would make Pete Sadoval poop his pantaloons.

The mix here is clear. The guitars and bass have some swinging nuts about them. And, the vocals will scare Christian parents the world over. Sassy!

In other reviews I’ve said that the thing that drives me nuts about DM (particularly Brutal DM) is that I, often, can’t tell one band from another. One might say that Horrific Demise sound like several other DM bands, and it’s true that they clearly draw inspiration from others in the field. But, who doesn’t? I’d argue that any emulation here is overcome by the (very) high standard of songwriting. Horrific Demise are all about the riffs. They have brutal riffs for days! And, importantly, there’s variety in the riffs. Sonic speed tremelo riffs, crunchy chugging riffs, groovy early-era Deicide riffs, and Doom-inspired riffs all make an appearance on “Excruciating Extermination”. They also have some nail-biting transitions between riffs. Ace!

I’ve never given a perfect score before but, for what it is, this is perfect. I can’t fault it. It’s everything DM should be. Well done guys!

Rating – 5/5

Meet your demise!

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