Album Review: The Order Of Genocide – Sabotage


Sabotage have just released their debut EP “The Order of Genocide” and it’s a little pearler. There are 4 tracks of Bay Area type thrash that come from Mumbai which as we all know is nowhere near San Francisco, but if you close your eyes you can nearly hear the ocean. Ok, so that’s a lie, but what you will hear are fantastic lead breaks, clean and aggressive singing and driving melodies that, when combined this well, are pure Bay Area and this mixed with some good song writing and structures really drive this EP along

The title track “The Order of Genocide” starts this EP off with some beautifully crafted acoustic guitar work before it really gets rowdy with some razor-sharp guitar work complete with a rolling drum and bass melody that provide the driving energy. “Failed is the Law” and “Blood Thirst” bring more of the same. If you listen closely you may even hear some Punk influences right down to the impressively aggressive drumming and belligerent vocals combined with uncompromising and chopping riffs. 

“Public Enemy” rounds out our vivacious journey with Sabotage and starts with a soundbite from what sounds like a news bulletin about an election, either in the past or just recently, about religious equality. The lead breaks in here are superb and combined with the aforementioned drumming and melodies provide the fury and rage that accompanies the uncompromising vocals and hard-line song writing.

“The Order of Genocide” is an excellent EP and shows that Sabotage have the potential and talent to gain a lasting foothold in the world of Thrash and hopefully they will use this EP to provide the catalyst to bigger and better things and who knows, with the talent of metal bands coming out of India, one day we might all well be sitting around discussing the Mumbai Thrash area and its influence on Metal music. 

Rating – 4/5

Get your Thrash on.

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