Album Review: Outpregnate – Eggs of Gomorrh

I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and possibly commit Metal blasphemy. How would I do that you ask? Well, I’m gonna cross genres, time, and boundaries just for your reading pleasure. Yes, this release from Swiss band Eggs of Gomorrh reminds me a lot of an album that was released a long time ago, by a very popular band, that sound not very much like them. Elaborate I shall.
First off, Reign in Blood“, Slayer. A classic, and here I start my trial before the counsel as to why I would even begin to dare compare the two, but as justice needs due course, at least hear my testimony before you hang me, or whatever evil fate you may think I deserve. First off, that cover. As shocking as it was to see the cover of “Reign in Blood” back in the day for us that first got there, you know the drill, in this day an age it would be frowned upon by the righteous, and so will this. Our eggy friends her give you a nativity scene of sorts, a birthing being done by some ungodly beast of a mother, her legs spread in tortured agony as she clutches the foul thing that she has brought unto the world. Definitely not one for the kiddies, or the weak of spine. Foul is her nature, and foul is her ungodly child. Revel in its birth for surely it is to be the end of us all.
Second. Short, sharp, and just fucking plain nasty. This one comes in at well under the twenty minute mark (sixteen odd minutes to precise), so I suppose that makes Slayer the winner in length by about another twelve minutes. The solo’s have that crazed Hanneman, King thing about them, it’s all about choking a cat and making it sound decent, and yet this is not Thrash Metal, it is Black with Death with Punk attitude and a finger up saying fuck off, much like our aforementioned giants had to begin with, so let’s just agree on that, and you will once you hear it.

Third. Atmosphere, not in the fucking sense that you are about to be invaded by hipster wannabes. You can almost here that fucking thing squealing as it opens it’s eyes and looks upon the world that it will soon destroy. The pride of the mother is insistent with the furious nature within the music, and it is yet again nothing but sheer aggression as she holds her newborn high and the rest of her wretched offspring lick at the blood that is slowly seeping from the hole that it has torn from her body. Are you feeling the comparisons yet, much like “Reign in Blood” made us hear the crackle of thunder and the blood red rain tumble unto us, this one is just blood, and blood everywhere.
Five tracks of utter nastiness. This reeks of your imminent destruction. Powerful, like a short sharp jab to the nether regions. This monstrosity has not one standout, the entire thing IS a beast that has been born from the whore that will stand tall as the world dies. Long may this creature reign, and long may her eggs continue to be fertile. Eggs of Gomorrh, I salute you.
Rating – 4.5/5
Get impregnated here. You know you want to.

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