Album Review: Vestigial – Cryptae



I had the pleasure once of reviewing the Netherland’s based duo Cryptae’s other piece of sonic fuckery, the self titled “Cryptae”, and wow, what a fine work of stuff it was, and here is a quote from that review of precisely what it sounded like to me.

“For the old guard – Do you remember 2001 A Space Odyssey? This is the sound that was going through the ape’s head whilst it was first working out how to use a bone as a weapon. I’m gonna hit other bones with it he thinks, and then comes the lightbulb moment. Oh yeah, I know what to do with it! I’m going….

TO BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ANOTHER BEING. Now to say this is surely the purpose of this album would be a gross understatement, and fuck me with the femur of an ape if it doesn’t succeed. It’s a beating you will take, and you will hopefully survive it.”

I also said on that review that I hoped that they would release a full length album, but they didn’t listen, and instead come back with one song. One fucking song. But what a song! Weighing in at a hefty 18 minutes and roughly 49 seconds, this one, although all tied together in one big knot has several movements, and all of them are intended to loosen one’s bowels, I shit you not.

Primal, gritty, Death Metal orientated, Doom Metal is in there too, as is a lot of other shit. These two don’t care what you think, and just do as they please. Extreme Metal? Maybe, let’s just call it Cryptae, for it is a hard thing to pin down. Most certainly it is very martial in most aspects, or militaristic if you prefer. From the almost peaceful beginning, you feel something is coming, a foreboding sense of impending chaos lurks in the back of your mind, and then, BANG, it is before you. The ape is back and he has learned the riddle of steel.

From the sublime to the ridiculously flat out, this is one hell of a ride. Blasting insanity, with walls of riffs to crush the very mountains themselves, a gurgling monstrosity has this ape become, and through various tempo changes you will ebb and flow as does his mood as he lays waste to all around him. Massive in sound, Complex in it’s simplicity, all to the beat of the drums of war.

The difference this time is the ape has an army, and they have lots of weapons. Large heavy blunt ones, short stabby ones, and others with spikes to name a few. All are rusty from the blood that has soaked into them, and to the beat of the marching drum they are crushing all before them. Towards the end it could almost be the soundtrack to the finest Sci-Fi movie ever made, and it would be about primates taking their vengeance on an uncaring world. You may well feel like this is a remnant of their past effort to begin with, but it isn’t, this is something special, and by the very god’s does it shake the ground.

Rating – 4.5/5

(You will note I haven’t included a song sample, because obviously, it’s one fucking song, so just go buy it!)

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