Album Review : Esogenesi – Esogenesi


To cut to the chase, Italian Doomsters’ Esogenesi have released a beast of a debut album. I seem to reviewing a lot of Doom lately, which I’m hoping is a product of chance and not a reflection of my current mental state. The other thing I seem to be doing a lot in reviews lately, to my enjoyment, is saying that the bass player is frickin’ awesome. Bass players finally seem to be taking a leaf out of the B. War book of bass playing and are using the bass as an instrument, and not as a tool to replicate guitar riffs.

The basslines on the opening track, “Abominio“, are as sweet as gelato. Not lemon gelato though, that shit is sour. Now, I’m not implying that they’re of a lower quality elsewhere on this album, because they’re not. But, all things considered, “Abominio” is my favourite track on this album, and a major factor in this is the bass. Another factor is that, about two-thirds of the way through this song, Esogenesi dabble in what can only be described as Progressive Doom. It’s very cool. Again, like gelato.

If I had a criticism, it’s that a few riffs (but only a few) are a little too white bread. But, when Esogenesi slather on the Doom, they lay it on as thick as Vegemite should be slathered on toast. None of this thin layer of Vegemite for sissy’s. Like Doom, you need to feel that shit deep inside your skull. You will feel Esogenesi! The guitars are crunchy and the vocals are good. That said, the vocals might be a smidge too low in the mix in a few spots.

To wrap up, the highlight here is the bass player, and I think the band recognise how talented he is because they give him plenty of space to do his thing. If you like Doom, give this a spin. It’s gelato-y goodness. I could really go a gelato right now.

Rating – 4.5/5

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