Album Review: In Darkness Act I (EP) – Warrior Within

warrior within

I’ve just sat down and listened to an absolutely excellent Thrash EP by Warrior Within, and I don’t say this lightly. “In Darkness Act 1” has left me wanting more. 

There are only four tracks here, but each track has some of the best guitar riffs and lead breaks, thunderous drumming and vocals that you will hear, and all this is spat out with more than just a little rage. In short, this EP is superbly ferocious and will rip the paint of your walls as soon as you turn it on and turn the volume up to ten!

“Stronger than Death and Time” starts our boisterous jaunt with Warrior Within and after the initial drum and bass opening, the rest of the band kicks in, and well, there’s only one way to put it, punches you dead in the face. Yep that’s the only way I can explain it. “Persist” is next and the glorious beating continues. A razor-sharp guitar riff drives this motherfucker along at a great rate of knots. There’s blood everywhere now. I love this track. Pure and brutal thrash at its best. 

Although “Taker” is a bit more measured in its delivery, there is a fundamental tempo of fury and loathing lurking beneath the upfront drum and guitar melodies, and this indignation is also superbly delivered via the vocals. I’m guessing the outrage that resides within this track is borne through the lyrical commentary on social injustice and the feeling of loneliness brought about by living on the edge of society. 

“Opus” brings an end to this glorious EP. This track truly showcases Warrior Within’s musical ability. There’s marvellous drum and bass solos, impressive lead breaks and right out the front, more of the prodigious snarling vocals that have permeated throughout “In Darkness Act 1”

Warrior Within have given us a little glimpse into their world and the window that’s been opened allows us to see that they have a limitless future in the creation of true and honest Thrash Metal. Do yourself a favour and go out and have a listen to this EP because you absolutely won’t be disappointed. I feel a bit like the Oliver Twist character from the self-titled movie asking, “Please sir, can I have some more’. Bring on Act 2 I say. 

Rating – 4.5/5

Check ’em out!

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