Video Premiere: Primitiv – Taurus

Indian death/doom metal act Primitiv are a 5 piece band consisting of members of Albatross and Hellwind. The band released their album Immortal and Vile based on tales of early man via Transcending Obscurity Distribution in February 2016.

Primitiv are releasing a video for their track Taurus today and we are glad to be premiere it here. The video was shot to mark 5 years of the band and captures their bulldozing live act. Check it out below, followed by a quick chat with vocalist Nitin Rajan.

“Too many to recollect, but on top of the mind some of the stand out moments: The way our debut album ‘Immortal and Vile’ was received worldwide and getting featured on Metal Hammer’s cover mount CD, New Noise II – Leaders of the pack!” said Rajan about highlights of the band in the past 5 years. “Supporting Behemoth at Deccan Rock, Multiple nominations at Rolling Stone Metal Awards and winning the Best Vocalist Award in 2016, Our first Vinyl only single Skull and the Stick, the recently edition of Control Alt Delete 11, was one of our sickest sets, the Skull and the Stick 5 City Tour across the country last year. Yeah, quite a few!!”

Taurus was the first single Primtiv released in 2014. “It’s always been a special track for us and the intensity we bring out live is extremely different from what you hear on the studio album.” said Rajan about the reason behind releasing a music video for the track. “Those who have witnessed us live can attest to this. So why not bring that out in a video for new and old fans both!”

3 years have passed since the release of Immortal and Vile. “Not exactly, we released the Live version of one of our new songs Squishy and Spongy late last year.” stated Rajan about their new material. “We introduced a new song Hydropolis this year at CAD & Pune, there are four more songs in the making, you can expect some in the upcoming gigs soon!” He added that fans can expect to hear a new single before end of the year.

Nitin signed off saying “It’s been a great ride so far, 5 years of being fucking Primitiv! A huge shout out to our hordes for the support and looking forward to see you all at our gigs soon! “Post Heavy Metal” is here to stay!”

Listen to Immortal and Vile below

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