Album Review: Infernale Metallum Mortis – Infernal Conjuration



2019 has had a slew of great new bands as well as some fantastic older veterans breaking back into the action to give us a pretty solid year thus far! And then comes a band like Infernal Conjuration that really steps up their craft and give us a damn near perfect Death/Thrash album that would make the underground nerds as well as the more balanced listeners headbang until their fucking head falls off. The HIGHLY anticipated debut album from Mexico’s Infernal Conjuration titled, “Infernale Metallum Mortis” is fast, aggressive, and raw drawing influences from the old school riff legends such as Slayer, Sadistic Intent, and (Schizophrenia-era) Sepultura

Giving you the, “Dreadful Knowledge” this banger opens with the ominous almost Doom driven riff that slowly builds into and evil symphony of madness that transition into Thrash like riffs that make this gem sound so classic. The vocals especially on the whole album are incredibly strong with the reverb production behind it all. 


We get, “Cleaned in Asphyxia” another song on the slower side of things however with the same Thrash input but more in a groove on this one. Add a couple of solos drenched in effects while still maintaining the power, and also the riffs with the pinch harmonics in the last twenty five seconds are some of my favourites on the album, while songs like, “Necrolatria (a los muertos blasfemos)” are an all out assault of riffs and dive bombs with the kick drum just absolutely pummeling you in the face. 

It’s bands like this that keep the underground alive. The rawness of the album feels so authentic that you could literally throw it in with a playlist of OSDM and it would fit right in with the gems of the late 80’s early 90’s. From songs like “Demonic Possession” and “In the Presence of Another World” there is no shortage of riffs and no fucking filler in between. The last sentence of their Bancamp description, ‘TOTAL DEATH METAL, no more but definitely no less’! Which personally I think sell them a tad short with blast beats that make it feel like Black, and riffs that make it feel like Thrash the boys in Infernal Conjuration really stuck to a solid game plan to give us a super versatile record that I think will turn into a true classic gem of the genre. 

Go pick up this up if you like riffs. If you don’t then what the fuck are you even doing here? 

Rating – 4/5

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