Album Review: Vermin – Inert


Inert. The English dictionary defines this state as thus, ‘lacking the ability or strength to move’. Yeah, fucking right on, because after you get this solid slab of Death Metal right up your clacker you won’t be able to do jack shit, and that’s the truth. After releasing an EP titled “Obliteration of the Self” about three years ago, these lads who hail from, well let’s just say the European continent (as the four of them are from different areas like Sweden and Spain), have decided to release a full length, and that is a damn fine thing for us Death Metal sicko’s.

Vermin” is what it is to be called, and you can call me Shirley if this just doesn’t bring to mind a million fucking rats crawling over every fucking thing, and devouring all in their path. OSDM is the order of the day, and the titular track “Vermin” is the sound of an omen, that being the coming of the plague bearers. Filth and disease follow hand in hand, beating you, the listener, around the head with brutal precision. Yes, you have that razor blade in your hand, go on, cut your face off with it before this shit just shreds it anyway.

Some of the riffery on this album just needs to be heard to believe. Guitarist Xavier Aguilar seems to have one purpose, and one only, and that is to axe the living bejesus out of us all. Each and every track proves that this is not just an exercise in wankery, nor is he playing around with us, he just wants you all to fucking die. That then leads me onto the Vocals of a certain Gustavo Garcia, and holy shitballs can this man not only gather the demons in your head, but he will then turn them into even worse nightmares than they where, and have them all screaming in your ears in unison, one horrible venom dripping word at a time.

Both that four stringed thing and the one you hit with sticks are handled by two possessed madmen, Paolo Cito and Martin Karlsson respectively, and by Christ him very self if they don’t lay down enough firepower to level a very large city you may call me Shirley again. The technical abilities of these four combined bring a whole new level to getting punched in the face by a band. A bit of D beat, some punkish tendencies, not an entirely new thing by no means, but delivered with such force that you bloody well will be the definition of Inert. Such a pounding, so much utter goodness for the Death Metal fan.

Highlight’s? Well, if “Kingdom of Sulphur” doesn’t tear you a new one, then you never had one to begin with. “Rotten Corpse Feast” pretty much speaks for itself, it’s rotten, you probably will die, and them bloody rats will enjoy stripping your bones. Good for them. “Murder in Me” has all the heart and soul of your favourite serial killer all wrapped up into one big fat steamroller that will destroy your nice little bit of peace and calm that you had being cultivating for a while. Nah, bullshit, you are a Death Metal fan, and this is why you are listening to this hey!

The rest is up to you dear reader. Don’t just sit there all lacklustre like some half dead fucker watching your city burn as the squealing gets louder, pull yourself out of the rubble and go get some of this fucking awesome into ya!

Rating – 4.5/5

Get this one right here!


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