Album Review: Rotten EP – Rotten


Fun fact, there’s approximately 320 kilometres of tunnels that make up the Catacombs in Paris where about 6 million people came to their final resting place. Now, most of these Catacombs haven’t been mapped or explored so no-one knows exactly what’s down there. Well, I think I’ve found what has been lurking down there because I’ve just listened to an album that will leave a stain on your psyche that you won’t be able to scrub out.

French outfit Rotten have imparted their aptly named EP “Rotten” and given us six tracks of contaminated hatred and agony which is a soundtrack to voyagers from the nether lands, driven along with by an atmospheric soundscape. Don’t believe me, listen to “Stellar Echoes from Decomposed Life” and “Floating Among the Dead Celestial Bodies” and tell me they weren’t created so all your worst torments and anguish could be put into the one place.

“Umbilical Cord of the Purulent Planet” and “Submission to the Rotten Castle” may have Doom tones but I reckon it’s just slow, dark, and the bass lines are so fuckin heavy that the earth would move off its axis creating mega earthquakes all over the surface and spew out all manner of demonic bile if you played this loud enough.

Rotten have even given us their version of Obituary’s old classic “Til Death” and made it even more disgusting and filthy through their tortured vocals and black vibes of the guitar and drumming work.

While some Death Metal is played at a breakneck speed, “Rotten” is a quality mixture of differing pace played in its most basic and primary form and is definitely for those of you that are unadulterated, hardcore and devoted Death Metaller’s.

Rating – 4/5

Get rotten right here!

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