Album Review: The Serpent and the Ladder – False Gods


New York’s False Gods have recently released “The Serpent and the Ladder”, an EP consisting of two six minute songs – “The Serpent,” and the following track “The Ladder.” A lot of the gloomy atmosphere found within these two tracks is made visual through the artwork for this EP. The twisted knots encroaching upon a seemingly emptied and hollow shell of a house stir up feelings of unsafety on the horizon. A brewing storm; the doomy foreshadowing of unrest. With drums that roll in like darkened clouds over spiraling guitars, retching vocals, and a bassline well-suited for upheaval, “The Serpent” is a marching beat, a creeping fear. There’s a sense of urgency deeply embedded into this track. It’s apocalyptic, dynamic. With distorted guitars that coil around the vocals, “The Serpent” is both soul-stirring and distressing.

Thick tones interwoven with bright, ascending notes that arch over striding undulations, “The Ladder” surrounds the listener with that same heavy atmosphere. This track starts off with warping feedback that gives way to chant-like vocals later developing into despondent wails. Notes stretch out into a psychedelic warmth and waver into tinny distortion. The sounds found on “The Serpent and the Ladder” are hopefully the direction False Gods plans to take with their music.

These are moody songs to play when waiting around for something bad to happen.

Rating: 3.5/5

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