Album Review: Of Rot and Ruin – Hath


It is said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned however “Of Rot and Ruin” will Hath no mercy on your senses, not just aurally but on every level. For a first full-length album, “Of Rot and Ruin” is a veritable feast of magnificent riffage, brutal blast beats and vocals that are shouted down the mic with a fervour that reaches new heights of anger and brutality. This album for mine somehow seems to sensationally combine three genres almost being Tech, Prog and everyone’s favourite Death with a magnificent viciousness, Yes it’s labelled as Blackened Death but this is my opinion so just run with it.

The tolling of funeral bells announces the start “Usurpation” and its very apt as the track is full on Death Metal. The riffage is outstanding and this combined with driving blast beats power this track along at a great rate of notes. The guttural vocals more than announce what we, the listener, can expect for the rest of the album.

“Rituals” is an eight minute journey that takes us to where Hath reside. The grand scale and musicianship of this this track maybe Opeth-esque, but for me this is definitely darker and more visceral.

“Currents” and “Worlds Within” give us a sneak peek at the Proggressive side of Hath with precise pieces of acoustic guitar which all the while keeps the impressive onslaught of our aural journey motoring along. Vocals here range from the guttural growls that bring us much joy, to higher rasping’s that are primal and epic. “Withered” is another track that provides proof of their talent and craft with fearsome and technical riffage and formidable drumming.

If you still need convincing, have a listen to “Kindred’. What a beautifully crafted instrumental. The acoustic guitar work here takes you on a journey of pure unadulterated pleasure.

I got chicken skin through parts of this album and that, to me, shows how much this album sucked me into its maelstrom. This is much more than a Death Metal album, or a Prog album, or a whatever you want to label it album, this is a wall of sound that, in places, you can actually reach out and touch.

What an awesome marker Hath have laid down with “Of Rot and Ruin”. These guys may not be so massive now but,once word gets out about this album and it will, they will become one of the masters of this genre with their names uttered in hallowed terms. It used to be Europe provided us with this type of majestic death metal but it’s seems the tide maybe turning.

Rating – 4.5/5

Get rotten and ruined right here.


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