Album Review: Fatal Visions – Inculter


So, I’ll start this off by saying right up front, that this album will definitely feature high up on my top ten for 2019. Yep, I know it’s only April but once you listen to “Fatal Visions” you will have to agree. This is a cracking album, no two ways about it. Everything you are about to read will make me sound like a fanboy and yep, I’ll fess up to that right now.

I won’t go through every track because I don’t have the superlatives to do it justice however the tracks, I will mentioned give but a glimpse of the immeasurable joy I had listening to this album.

“Open the Tombs” begins this wonderfully merciless assault on the senses. It begins with what sounds like a rocket just lifting off, which is pretty apt, and then gathers velocity as it accelerates with ferocious frenetic drumming, raucous vocals and aggressive guitar riffs. There’s a bit of tempo relief through the middle of the track but I think this is more for the musicians to catch their breath, then away we go again at neck breaking speed.

“Shepherd of Evil” literally explodes out of the speakers and you get driven along at a great rate of knots. There’s some extreme speed work in here which gets driven along with awesome guitar licks and some of the most ferocious drumming one can encounter.  I honestly didn’t know you could keep that type of uncompromising rapidity up and still hang together and be so tight as a band.

“Endtime Winds” starts with some really dark & foreboding guitar work with demonic vocals that are barked out with an enormous amount of venom and then the track explodes into breakneck speed with this ludicrously relentless tempo. “Final Darkness” and “Towards the Unknown” could be written in the golden age of thrash as they are a couple of the purest thrash tracks, I’ve ever heard. Sensational brutal mixture of extreme break neck drumming with aggressive brutal riffs and hostile vocals.

The title track “Fatal Visions” keeps the maniacal drumming and gigantic guitar riffs coming in spades. By now I’m starting to feel for the drummer who must now be sweating up a storm and probably lost around give kilos in sweat.

This is definitely a full double horns up album that gather speeds as it goes through each track. I’m listening to each track while I’m writing this and I had to hit the pause button a couple of times so my diminutive thought processes could keep up with the uncompromising fervour and relentless pace that was inundating my ears.

There are no filler tracks here, all these tracks have a purpose and tell the story of this beast of an album. “Fatal Visions” is essential listening for all purveyors of Blackened Thrash/Thrash listeners. You will, like I have, love this album and I promise you, when you get to the end of track eight you will re hit the play button, put the volume up to eleven and go again.

Thank you Inculter, I dips me lid to you in the hope that you provide many more albums of this standard and precision.

Rating – 5/5

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