Track Premiere: Open Grave- Worsen

Photo Credit: Justin Driscoll

Back in 2014 North Carolina Black Metal outfit Worsen released a very satisfying EP entitled Blood which was well received and in my case left me hungry for more! Fast forward to today after quite a few years of silence there is finally a new full length album on the horizon titled Cursed to Witness Life which will be released June 14th, 2019.

Sole mastermind Rick Contes spent the better part of nearly 4 years perfecting this album through and through, adding and removing aspects until satisfied. We here at TMW are excited to premiere a track from the aforementioned album.. Turn up the volume and indulge in Open Grave.

This track kicks off with a bang and right away you can hear that this will be a big step forward since Blood was released. Relentless and unforgiving this song is a slab of furious Black Metal, layered with galled vocals that present an over all aura of despair. If this track is a preview of what is to come then I can say with full confidence that this album will be stellar and well worth the wait. Once again the USBM scene sees another band worthy of recognition in the ranks.

The album was recorded and mixed by Rick Contes at Seven Doors Audio Recording and mastered by Jack Control (Darkthrone, Aura Noir, Poison Idea) at Enormous Door. Cursed to Witness Life is set for release on 6/14.

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Cursed to Witness Life track listing:

1. Open Grave

2. Aspirations Rusted Shut

3. Weakened World

4. A Blade in the Dark

5. Cradled by the Cold

6. Cursed to Witness Life

7. Haunting My Mind

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