Track Premiere: Strange Gateways Beckon (Tribulation Cover)- Hvile I Kaos

Artwork & Photo: Lone Wolf Productions

TMW is proud to present a new single by Cellistic outfit Hvile I Kaos, this time Kakophonix has opened the “gates” to reveal his efforts in covering Strange Gateways Beckon by Swedish Metallers Tribulation. The great thing about metal is that it can be enjoyed and appreciated in many different forms, not just guitars, vocals, and drums.

The Cello in itself is a mournful dark sounding instrument and Kakophonix has used his craft well to deliver justice to the band and this song. The notes and melodies are in tandem with those of the original but instead it creates a haunting aura and atmosphere.

You can really feel the essence and passion emanating from the music and it is as if something beckons you forward to pass through to the otherside. What mystery may await you once you reach the end remains to be seen… take what you will from it. Hvile I Kaos has once again weaved together something special and all together refreshing to the metal scene. It is not everyday you come across an artist who creates music so tangible. If you live in the Southern California area I urge you to seek out a live ritual to attend because it is definitely an experience.

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