Interview: Travis Ruvo – Cropsy Maniac

Travis Ruvo
The always amazing Meddelfan continues his series of interview’s with another member of Cropsy Maniac, and another excellent dude besides, a certain Mr. Travis Ruvo whom you may also know from the bands Akatharta, Echelon, and Among the Decayed to name a few. If anyone can slap the living bejesus out of a drum kit, it’s this bloke right here, so read on, and enjoy! This man ask’s the questions we ALL wanna ask!


HI man, thanks for your time, let’s start with an easy one, what got you into making music?

I’ve always wanted to make music since I can remember. I was eight years old playing piano and saxophone then I decided to switch to drums by age nine.

How would you describe your approach to making music?

I am as far from traditional as you can get. I hear and see things on my head and am able to translate it into songs. I like to write music that I would want to hear. I don’t write music to please anyone other than myself and band mates.

CM FTF cover art

Do you have a certain way of writing a style maybe?

My brain is far too complicated for me to isolate any exact definition of how it happens. It just does….

Do you think the music scene is a little fucked up these days, and if so why?

What isn’t fucked nowadays? Everything is fucked. The “scene” is just that…. a “scene”…. Music is no different than any other social or political “scene” it’s disgusting. Nothing is sacred anymore. Bands, labels. Zines etc… They are trying to divide people in to categories. The new world order of things is chaos. Manufactured division…. Now it has spread to underground labels getting deplatformed and banned from PayPal. Everyone has been brainwashed into being a pussy!

What is your take on all the posers bands and fans that follow them like sheep?

I can’t put that thought into words without taking up 100 pages. I can only call it what it truly is…..Fashionable and Trendy….. it’s disgusting….

Can you give us a little more info on some of the other music projects you have been involved in.

Early bands were Among The Decayed and Goatsoldiers, then later Blood Freak, Cropsy Maniac, Echelon, Akatharta, To Descend, Hellfrost and Fire, Troikadon and a couple of other completed yet announced projects….

cropsy 3

What are music are you currently working on right now if I may ask?

As of today only Cropsy Maniac and Akatharta. Have new full length albums for both bands being worked on as we speak.

And what projects are coming out soon? What are in the works?

Finished and awaiting release is Cropsy ManiacCarnage” EP and Troikadon full length. An “untitled” EP with Rogga and Adrie from Sinister is almost finished.  Also going to do a To Descend full length in 2019.

What has been your favourite music project to work on and why?

Honestly they are ALL my favourites. I get to share my love for movies and horror with Cropsy Maniac yet I also get to work with greats like Kam Lee, Dave Ingram, Rogga Johansson, Jonny Petterssen among many other great dudes! It’s all gravy for me 😁

Maybe some fun stuff now.

No Fun Allowed!

cropsy 1

What is or was your favourite party favours?

I liked far too many things in the past hahaha. I don’t drink and do drugs like I used to when I was younger.  I still love a nice Whiskey or Scotch in moderation. I smoke weed. I’m a huge advocate for marijuana and am lucky to live in a legal state.

What is your favourite thing to drink beer or liquor?

Haha I only like water, beer… hate most beer! I’m a big Whiskey guy. Some bourbons or Scotch but mostly Canadian Blended Whiskeys. Nothing better!

What is your favourite type of food

Asian Food and Italian Food is my fave.

What would you say was the best venue you have ever played at.

Sonor Baltimore at MDF IX but that’s obvious. My favourite venue in Portland was the historic Satyricon (RIP)

cropsy 2

What would you say is your favourite part of Portland and why?

Nature! An hour East to the mountains and an hour West to the beaches…. Nature…. I used to think Portland as a city was a genuine and unique place but over the years it’s just gone to shit! Oregon is great, Portland sucks now.

Do you, or have you ever skated Burnside?

Yes but I used to ride fruity boots aka roller blades….spent a lot of time there in the 90’s!

What are some of your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time, if you have any that is!

If I’m not working my job or on music, I’m either watching movies or fishing. In my boat on the water is the best place in world to be!

So apart from your boat, where is your favourite place on Earth?

Anywhere in nature away from the scum of city life….

cropsy 4

What would be your favourite horror movies? Which ones and why?

That’s too hard….here is the short list that needs no explanation….

The Burning, Street Trash, Videodrome, The Thing, The Beyond, Maniac, TCM2, Reanimator, Creepshow,  and Pieces.

Back to the more serious, thanks for being a sport, what is your favorite Black Metal if any? Favourite Thrash album? Favourite Death Metal Album or albums? Favourite Country artist? Favourite Punk band all time and currently? Grindcore? Etc.

Too hard. I’ll just give a now playing list.

BM – Carpathian Forest, Horna, Urgehal.

DM – Asphyx, Edge of Sanity, Dismember, Misery Index, God Dethroned, Severe Torture, Vomitory.

Goregrind – Butcher ABC, General Surgery, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition.

Grindcore – Assuck, Terrorizer, Xysma.

Punk – FEAR, Dead Boys, Propagandhi, Pennywise.

Rock(other) – Danko Jones, John 5, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Sweet.

What do you think about the whole thing with big labels regurgitating older Death material over and over again?

Bullshit. It’s a disgrace! But don’t get me started on big labels and the drama they cause.

Why do you think they leave Kam Lee out of the history of the band Mantas/Death?

The simple fact that Kam is outspoken and BLUNT really scares people or makes them angry. Greed and Envy will always be the enemy of good people. I still don’t think that enough people and fans have spoke out enough about the bullshit. A lot of cowards out there.  Good people can still be cowardly and remain silent.


Who would you most like to collaborate with on a release?

I already have worked with so many great people I couldn’t ask for anything better. I’d really like to play guitar and write an album performing all the music.

What would your favourite album you have been involved in be and why?

Troikadon obviously because of the trifecta of Kam Lee, Dave Ingram and Karl Willets on vocals. Can’t get much better than that.


Well, that’s pretty much all we have today, so thanks Travis for your time and your honesty. Integrity can be a hard thing to find anywhere in this day and age so we appreciate it. For the rest of you, follow the links below and check out the tracks scattered throughout. There is no doubt in our minds here at The Metal Wanderlust that this is a band going places, so don’t miss the fucking boat! Stay tuned for the next interview soon!


Thanks again Travis! Cheers!

Robert ‘Meddlefan’ Darling.


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