Album Review: Tripsitter – The Other Side of Sadness


I like to sample different metal styles from throughout the globe. I’ve checked out bands from the United States, Finland, Israel, Australia, Norway, Italy, among others. My travels today finds me in Innsbruck, Austria, home of the melodic hardcore band Tripsitter. Together since 2012, Tripsitter has taken their combined experiences and life trials,put them to music, and turned the volume up to 11. Angst filled and heavy generally yields some music worth sampling in my mind and Tripsitter hits that mark with their new EP The Other Side of Sadness.

The line up goes like this: Meindl Taxer (Guitar/Vocals), Christopher Jais (Guitar/Back Vocals), Hubi Halder (Bass/Back Vocals), and Alex Farnik (Drums/Back Vocals). And so far, they’ve grown on me.

Lots of pace changes and breaks, bringing the listener through the peaks and valleys expressed in the lyrics. Tracks like Bury Me, Of Flowers, and Hollow break the six minute mark, grinding through depression, self-hate, and search of purpose. Some really deep introspection here. It really is something to behold.

So here’s the scoop. My first listen to this ten track EP left me wondering, “What did I get myself into?” The album wasn’t what I was expecting when I picked it up, but I understood that musicians put everything into their art. I may or may not enjoy the music, but I must provide a quality perspective into this release. And here we are today. Another listen or two later and yeah, I think I like it. Groovy in spots, screaming a lot (don’t know how Meindl’s voice is after laying down the vocals), and definitely metal in its finest form.

My favorite track is titled Hollow. I found this track the most complex musically, and relate-able lyrically. There are times when I feel hollow, feel lost, empty. At the end of the day, who am I and why am I here? The lyric “…all you need is love, they said” makes me wonder how can you have love without the rest of the emotions? Like I said, angst filled.

Now The Other Side of Sadness isn’t all depressing themes. You’ll have to check the album out yourself. Released on April 19, 2019, the album is available at the link below. Enjoy !!

Tripsitter – The Other Side of Sadness
Recommendation: Check out the The Other Side of Sadness from Tripsitter!!
Rating: 3.5/5

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