Album Review: Entity – Nucleus

There’s a few things to do when you want to get to a man’s heart they say. Through his stomach, through numerous variants of alcohol, and last but not least, SCI-FI FUCKING DEATH METAL. Especially the last part and if you’re man doesn’t like sci-fi fucking Death Metal then you need to start taking applications for a new man. Full of alien riffs, star shattering blast beats, and black hole consuming vocals the new Nucleus album, “Entity” will have you crash landing on your favorite planet with no hope left.
If you have your head under a god damned rock and are not familiar with these guys then I have no clue what to say to you except hurry the fuck and catch up to us here in the 65th century/14th dimension and get on it. Coming off a split with Macabra and two full lengths before that, these guy’s have no wear and tear or any damage at all. If anything these Illinoisan’s are getting stronger and stronger with each release and are soon probably gonna be launched into the Hall of Fame of underground bands to ever do it along greats like Vektor, Blood Incantation, Nocturnus, etc.
As soon as you make your, “Arrival” you find there is only despair. After an ominous soft riff to get you familiar you are then having your face dragged across the ground with gravity as the unforgivable vocals that are very Demilichesque and absolutely fucking great. From the moment you start this it’s no holds barred fist fight.. but in space.

As you move through the album the pace seems to pick up like the third song that’s surely to, “Uplift” you, there is this an almost random riff to start the song and the randomness keeps going. I’m not talking about completely out of the ordinary, I’m saying it’s a controlled random that perfect fits the theme of the no despair lost in space type feel. Also one of the riffs that start at about 2:45 is one of my FAVORITE riffs on the whole album. Makes me want to strap on a couple sticks of dynamite to my car and try to blast off.
As we approach the, “Outpost” we are staying with the riffs of the future as we draw closer to our doom (as in the end of the album) We hear the drums that make you feel like a stroke is coming on and then again get his with another memorable riff these guys just seem to churn out constantly.
All in all if you like Death Metal this is gonna be in your wheelhouse. It’s all great. Literally every song kills and you’ll have at least one riff stuck in your head every day that you don’t listen to this. Or is that just me? Either way, check it out at the link below and buy everything these guys have done. You won’t regret it!

Rating: 5/5

Here you go!

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