Vargheist Records Update!

Great news from our good friend Justin Volus over at the mighty Vargheist Records! Read on folks!

Maha Pralaya– A Black Metal band from Athens, Georgia have signed a two year deal from 2020 to 2022. The expected release date for new record is March 2020 and it will be a full Length!
These guy’s bring a damn shit ton of the heavy with a mix of Black and Death Metal that one can only describe as, well, fucking heavy! This is indeed one sinister sounding bunch of dudes that quite obviously revel in bringing you, the listener, an absolute aural battering. If this earlier release is anything to go by, we are all in for a damn fine kick in the rear end. Check out the link below for a taste of what they have to offer on their debut EP “Purified by Decay”. Hell yes!

Maha Pralaya logo.jpg

Maha Pralaya 2


Beyond Deth– The finest of Death/Thrash from Chicago, IL have signed a two year deal from 2019 to 2021. The expected release date for new record, July 2019, and it will be a re-issue of their 2018 release, the crushing “The Age of Darkness”
You like Death Metal yes? Don’t we all? Well let me tell you that these fine chaps play it with a fantastic sense of what it is to be TRULY Death Metal. Not overly polished bullshit like some that we won’t name, this is brutality at it’s finest, and one day this may well sit amongst the greats. Vocalist Jon Corston brings the necessary grunt in spectacular form whilst flaying his guitar like a madman, Rob Halloran on the skins provides the exact level of punishment that we all deserve. John Bravo III also beats the living shite out of his six string and Luke Nissan brings the bass, and what a thundering cacophony it all adds up to! This is not just a beating in musical form, it’s a lesson on how to play Death Metal the right way. Check out the link below, and if you are not sold by the end of “The Cold”, and also “Memories of War”, then you might just wanna go hand in your Metal card and start looking for other forms of entertainment. Sensational stuff.

Beyond Deth logo

Beyond Deth
Seems like Vargheist Records are doing quite well, give them a look why don’t ya!

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