Album Review: The Telluric Ashes of the Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods – Esoctrilihum


It’s only on rare occasions that we get an act that really challenges the way we look at music in general and continue to blow our minds with severe twists and turns with approaches that feel extraordinarily outlandish in every form. I’ve been lucky enough to come across some by chance, but to find more means you must scavenge the very floor of the underground to find material that’s worth talking about.

When I first came across Esoctrilihum in 2017, I had no idea that my time with the act would lead me to this point. It would appear that some bands are merely birthed and immediately become hits for many to hear, but then there are some that find a more limited success with their crazy sound that better suits their presence in the underground. Esoctrilihum, now more than ever, is an act that every purveyor of the unknown should become acquainted with, and it’s with their forthcoming effort that the name of Esoctrilihum should become synonymous with other-worldly terror and chaotic psychedelia.

It was with the debut from this band that I become interested, but never really thought it’d go further than the decorative Atmospheric Black Metal that Esoctrilihum started out with. It was but a few months later into the following year that a dramatic shift occurred where we were greeted by a far more malevolent and incendiary form as “Pandaemorthium” was a record that I simply was not expecting by any means, and it was followed up only another few months later as “Inhüma” brought us a sickly and haunting form of Psychedelic Black Metal that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Those two records immediately became some of my favourites from last year, and I threw out virtually every expectation when it comes to predicting what’s next for Esoctrilihum as it’s an act full of surprises, overflowing with inter-dimensional power, and a nose for quality like few other acts. You could’ve sat there and told me anything was possible with Esoctrilihum, and I would’ve believed you! But never would I have expected that the already staggeringly high levels of quality that this act has become known for would go even further with this record to already enable it to become one of my favourite records this year by far!

Everything Esoctrilihum did throughout all of last year has come together into one record that is nothing short of a mind-bending and soul-devouring experience that’s not here to play games. It’s not here to satisfy your ears with petty riffs or paltry melodies. In just about every conceivable form, “The Telluric Ashes of the Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods” is a creation that was summoned from the darkest chasms of the abyss to wipe out all light, chew life out of the universe, and make the cosmos an inferno that could never be rivaled. The beauty of this record comes in with its sheer ferocity that Esoctrilihum has already perfected at this point, but the actual sound of it is a real kicker for fans.

The Telluric Ashes” stylistically acts a sort of bridge between 2018 records as we get the Death Metal chaos from “Pandaemorthium” and the psychedelia from “Inhüma” in a shockingly cohesive blend to really allow this record to become something all on its own that’s striding forth, slicing through reality, and bringing a scorch like none others before it. Each track gives us a new lesson in destruction that very few albums have been able to deliver on such a visceral level while still managing to find the most choice of moments to bring a seemingly forbidden riff that pulls you into the depths of “The Telluric Ashes” more and more as Esoctrilihum expertly coaxes you into the cult to help the name herald the very end of all. And all the while, it couldn’t be any more satisfying in the darkest way.

There are very few things outside the fiery realm that Esoctrilihum has created up to this point that could prepare you for this record other than previous material from this act. As I said, I never was expecting something like “The Telluric Ashes” when I first laid my eyes upon that maddening cover art, but it’s now clear to me that, somehow, this is the pinnacle of excellence that Esoctrilihum has made thus far. It’s with each album that this guy finds new ways to outdo himself and thrust upon us an experience the likes of which we simply can’t shake off that gets better with each new offering, and it’s no different here. An album like this is far from the sort of thing that should be ignored in any sort of way, and I cannot implore you enough to soak yourself in the 71 minutes of sheer chaotic darkness that has been hand crafted here! There has never been a better time to get behind the shadowy figure that is Esoctrilihum and mark my words that as the final moments of not only this year but life itself that it’s the demon of Esoctrilihum that will be victorious in that final moment of dimming twilight.

Rating – 4.5/5

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