Interview: Tony Blakk – Druid Lord


Robert “Meddlefan” had a bit of a chinwag with the one and only Tony Blakk from Druid Lord, as is his way, and directly below, it is! Great stuff indeed!

Hey Tony how are you doing today? Thank you for doing this interview

Good evening Robert. I’m good brother. I hope you’re doing well.

So Druid Lord is a killer band. How do you keep making such awesome music?

Well first of all thanks for that. We decided when we formed the band that we would try to keep things simple and heavy. Whenever one of us strays from the formula the others remind us, lol. It is definitely a group effort.

What is your approach and how long does it take to write an album?

Oh shit. We take forever to write an album.  Like a year lol. We come up with the music 1st and then add the lyrics once all the parts are set in stone. We will sometimes have a riff that just doesn’t work so we change it out and then another riff doesn’t fit. It’s not uncommon to go through four or five different versions of the same song.

Do you have songs written and ready to go?

By the time we get to the studio we do but it takes about a year for us to write 9 songs and find the intros and outros that we want.

What is your favourite colour?

Blakk lol. Funny story, one of our fans wrote “Blakk is my favourite colour” in the ladies room at the Brass Mug in Tampa a few years ago.

Where do you like to eat locally? (Shameless plug ha-ha)

Ahhh! I love Thai food so Siam Garden in Winter Park. That stuff is killer!

Do you guys play a lot of live shows?

We generally play two gigs a month except when we are recording.


How long have you been in the scene in Florida?

I started playing music here in 1988. My 1st band was called Crucification but after our demo was released we didn’t know how to promote it so the hope fizzled out we couldn’t keep a bass player to save our lives, lol.

What is you favourite type or types of music? I know it’s hard to list 1 so be broad if need be.

Old School Death, Doom, Sludge and I like Jazz if there are no vocals and the drummer is killer.

When is the next record coming out?

We are working on it now so I’m guessing it will be in a bout a year. Maybe summer 2020 at the latest. Going in a completely different direction this time. Wait! Just kidding. Hahahahaha! We don’t do that! When you find something that works I believe you should keep doing it.

What is your favourite hand weapon?

Switch blade. I have the spring loaded one that will go right through your hand if you are not careful.

What do you like to collect?

When I has younger I collected comic books and action figures but I’m too old for that shit now. I have three kids and no money for stuff like that anymore.

Who are your favourite authors? Favourite books? And why?

I don’t read. I seriously hate reading. Probably explains my horrible vocabulary. My wife and I have this ongoing joke. She is always trying to get me to read books and I always say “If its a good book they will make a movie about it” It drives her crazy because most of the books she tried to get me to read were actually made into a movie! lol. I’m not kidding!

What horror character would you like to be?

The Toxic Avenger because he actually ran of with the girl in the end and she wasn’t dead.

druid lord

Favourite car, truck, bike etc?

I’m not really into cars much but I always wanted one of those old Stingray style Corvettes.

Do you have any awesome collectables?

I have some cool Evil Ernie and Lady Death Comics and Spawn toys.

What is your favourite fantasy character? Is it Conan the Barbarian?

Hahahaha! I like Conan but my favourite character is Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. We are both bastards! My mom was 15 when she had me!

Do you like Dune? If so who who is your favourite character?

I like Stings character. I never really liked that dude from Twin Peaks.

Do you like Gum?

Yeah but I like Altoids better.

So what can we expect in 2019 from the mighty DRUID LORD?

We plan on doing a lot of touring this year. Chicago, Miami, St. Augustine, New York, Oregon, Texas are some of the places we are trying to hit this year. And of course I have to mention the Killtown Deathfest in Denmark. We are excited to plan that one!

Hopefully you conquer the music scene ha-ha!!

Trying to, lol.

Thank you again man. I appreciate it.

Thanks brother! Much respect! Check some of these out!

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