Album Review: Indiscriminate Butchery – Putrefying Cadaverment


I check the list. Rubber tubing, gas, saw, gloves, cuffs, razor wire, hatchet, Gladys, and my mitts.’ – Marv (Sin City)

Some of the violent imagery that I can’t get out of my head while listening to this new Putrefying Cadaverment album, “Indiscriminate Butchery“! Coming off the 2017 demo, “Only the Malevolent Reign“, It’s a sheer Brutal Death Metal beat down with a side of Grind and boy does that Grind taste good. This is fast, loud and full of aggression.

Starting off with the first song, it won’t take you long what i’m talking about when I say violent imagery, “Bayonet Forced Entry” is the introduction to this monstrosity and don’t think for a second there are any fillers. ALL KILLER NO FILLER. Featuring guitarist of Purulent Necrosis, Blake Scott, and Morgue Walker’s Justin Volus on vocals/bass. These guys know how to pay homage to the old school Brutal Death Metal scene but still keep a freshness about them that is uncanny.

As you walk through this, “Mass Grave Sewage Line” of an album you get to track three which is the aforementioned name and possibly my favorite song. From the brutal barbed wire guitar (new term I just made up for this band) to start, straight in to the blasting that is just insane there are some squeals on those barbwire strings that just run through you almost as fast as a .50 caliber bullet that put the song over the top and not to mention the groove laden riffs in between the chaos.

At the end we get, “Entrenched in Dysentery” as the album comes to a close, if you think there is any kind of outro, think again.  Like i said previously. ALL KILLER NO FILLER. This is the type of music I see playing while Vlad the Impaler does his nine to five. These guys have made an album with unceasing aggression.

All in all these guys bring back the roots of extreme Brutal Death Metal but not totally a ‘slam’ project as the vocals are much more versatile and less about the BREEEE. There are neck breaking breakdowns and enough blast beats to keep you warm through the winter. There is no fancy guitar solos, or actually anything fancy at all. All hostility from the start and that’s how it should be.

Rating – 4/5

Get putrid right here!

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