Album Review: Heaven That Dwells Within- Wormwitch

Back in 2017 an album entitled Strike Mortal Soil was released by Canadian Metal outfit Wormwitch and it was received with much praise. Fast forward and the band is set to release their new LP Heaven That Dwells Within on April 5 via Prosthetic Records. I remember when I first listened to these guys I was hooked immediately because they brought something different to the table, and the same goes for this album.. it is an absolute ripper and one that I have not stopped listening to since the promo landed in my inbox.

Wormwitch plays a blend of Black Metal that is all together infectious, melodic, relentless, and adds just that touch of Crusty D-Beat to make this one satisfying listen. Each track kicks off with a bang, furiously delivering the bands crafted brew in raw yet cohesive form. There are moments where you can pick out some folky riffs and ones that are reminiscent of the Scandinavian Black Metal scene.

Instead of following suit with every other Black Metal band Wormwitch carry their own torch into darkness and create an artform that is truly tangible. Aside from the catchy riffwork the vocals stand out as they are discernible and make the songs all the more wholesome and satisfying. Trust me I enjoy the rawness of Black Metal but when you can easily follow along lyrically it paints an even more expansive ambience. As the title of the album Heaven that Dwells Within implies there is an expansive energy on the outside but on the inside there is a beauty that is harnessed between the riffs and music.

Wormwitch have accomplished something great here and this album has already weaved its way into my daily rotation. I cannot recommend this enough and I urge everyone to jump into it upon its release. This band is going places no doubt about that. Solid work all around.

Rating: 5/5

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