Album Review: Wolf EP – Krallice


Krallice hail from New York and formed in 2007. That’s a lot of time to hone your craft and the opportunity has not been wasted. I don’t say this often but, in the right hands, this band could be huge.

Their tag line on Bandcamp says “Black Metal or not”. This sums up the opportunity and challenge for Krallice. I love when a band takes a broad genre but then adds creatively to the mix to create something that is their sound. Some bands try and end up sounding like a tribute band but Krallice have found a style that is enthralling.

Black Metal elements fused with Doom and Metal. There’s even a strong sense of Dream Theater in the arrangements. The opportunity is that the metal world needs to hear Krallice especially live. I think live it would be a steamroller of an experience. One of those nights where you can’t even find the means to even express how intensely connected to the Metal you are. It happened to me watching Behemoth recently at Download. Just that intense feeling of connection. I think Krallice have this. They’re welcome in Australia.

The challenge is finding the right audience and shows. Intelligent, technically excellent Metal is appreciated but can get sidelined to a nerdy sub genre. This is mainstream music. I love it.

For the Black Metal fans enjoy the mix of styles but by track five they channel their full Black Metal energy. Brilliant album.

Rating – 5/5

Raise your hackles right here!

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