Interview: Alessandro Wehrmacht – Morticula Rex


Meddlefan got to sit down and have a bit of a chat with an absolute champion of a bloke who just so happens to be the main guy at a band we all love, Morticula Rex! Yes, here he has a chinwag with the one and only Alessandro Wehrmacht, so read on and see how it all went!

Hello, Alessandro. Thank you for doing this interview with me .

Hello Robert, thanks to you for this opportunity. It’s more than a pleasure!

Let’s start out by where you grew up and where you currently reside?

I was born and grew up in Agrigento, Sicily (Italy), a land very rich in history, culture and contradictions, but despite its contradictions this island gave birth to a whole lot of interesting avantgarde art movements. This is the very same homeland of Schizo, Incinerator, Nuclear Symphony and several new bands that have and still are enriching the international scene.

A couple of years ago I have moved to Sardinia, another great island right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, where my headquarter now happily dwells. I can be defined the “Two islands man”

How did you get involved in creating Death Metal?

I’ve been listening to Heavy Metal since I was a kid, and Death Metal was surely my main artistic path. I sure had been facing several steps of development in between, with several bands and projects as well ranging from Thrash to Grind to 80’s Metal. Looking back right now I do realise I had been spending tons of hours in the rehearsal room to play fast, really fast, in the veins of bands such as Morbid Angel, Terrorizer …  but nowadays I sure paradoxically believe that the only path of Death Metal is one and one only: CELTIC FROST !!!

What is the scene like right now where you are?

Here in Italy there’s bunch of killer bands and you could be spending hours and hours listening and headbanging to pure Italian Death/Thrash metal records until your ears bleed and your head is far from your body! Among these many bands I can definitely name you ….Haemophagus, Assumption, Bunker 66, Zora, Deathcrush, Vultur, Horrid, Maze of Sothoth, Hellish God, Dominhate, Hastur, Daemonokrat (hahahaa)….and many more!!!

Where is the coolest place you have ever been in your life?

Every place is cool, but if I were to choose one among the so many I love I sure go back to my early cradle of existence: Scala dei Turchi, an enchanting place on the seashore nearby my hometown, where my visionary imagery had birth.

What are some of your favourite things to do in your free time?

I read a lot, especially mythology books.  My time is mainly spent in producing and recording my music while drinking blood red wine – Sure I do love that man!

Do you enjoy travelling? If so where do you prefer to vacation?

Travelling is fundamental! I love Europe! it’s so full of variety and naturally beautiful because of its endless diversities, nature and people.

isp052 morticularex pg01 (1)

Are you into any strange collections, and if so what do you collect?

Yes, vinyls apart my obsession is 70’s and 80’s Italian horror comics. books …

Who are your favourite authors?

H.P. Lovecraft, William Blake, Georges Dumézil, Julius Evola, Károly Kerényi, Robert E. Howard, Charles Bukowski, Charles Baudelaire, Sir James George Frazer, De Sade, Furio Jesi, Eliphas Levi, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato, Aleister Crowley, and bunch more….

How long did it take to write the new album?

Two weeks …. I was caught in a spell from blood red wine and visionary inspiration. And one more week for the lyrics.

Do you have plans on creating more albums for this project?

Of course yes, I’ll tell you more, Morticula Rex was honestly born as a one man side band to Daemonokrat, but it shall soon evolve into a full band with new members and stuff.

What is the story and creative process behind this album?

Grotesque Glory” is entirely a concept album based on historic facts and sources regarding the quest and raids of the Norsemen during the early days of their dominions hailing from northern Europe all the way down to my homeland Sicily.

Do you like science fiction or fantasy books and movies?

Yes sure! I must confess I’m completely obsessed by everything fantasy and sci-fi from Tolkien to Giger … it’s such a vast territory man! Warhammer 40k rules!!!

Who is your favourite horror director or creator?

Lucio Fulci is but an example among the many illuminated masters I do like, but the list should also include Joe D’Amato, John Carpenter, David Lynch, Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava, and many many more…

If you could be any horror character who would you be and why?

I am the God of Godz Master of the Arts, I desecrate the chaste writhe in the flesh … Blasphemies

What about other artistic abilities? Do you like to draw? Paint? Make sculptures?

Well, I used to draw back in time but not really much anymore. Nowadays I totally pledge myself to the noblest of all arts!

Are you doing any shows for this album? If so where are you planning on playing?

Not yet …  with the new line-up coming in we soon will yep!

What do you have to say to your fans? Anything you would like to say?

Death is certain and will be filled with glory

Enjoy life to the innermost core because Death Metal is a hymn to life…. We were born our own masters … We make ourselves who we are.

I only have one question about a favourite band. Do you love Pink Floyd? If so is Animals your favourite album? If it isn’t what album is?

100% “Live in Pompeii” because is a totally hyperuranion (perfect) evocation. In other words is Plato making music.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview man. I appreciate it.

My all pleasure bro! Thanx a lot for your supporting the underground.


And there you have it! Quite the interesting guy for sure, and what a fantastic album “Grotesque Glory” is. If you haven’t checked it out yet, follow the link below! Thanks to both Meddlefan and Alessandro for a fantastic interview!

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