Album Review: Horizon Ontheemt- Nusquama

Eisenwald are one of my favorite labels as of late and they always manage to sign some pretty amazing bands. Uada and Iskandr made my top list for 2018 and these are just two of a collection of fantastic artists who have their home with the label. Nusquama made their way onto my radar with their single Vuurslag and I immediately knew I had stumbled upon something great.

The band plays a blend of Black Metal that is equal parts Atmospheric and Esoteric, notes of catharsis layered throughout. Tortured Black Metal vocals add an air of desperation to the album mingled with foreboding. These aspects come together to form the core of the music that is all together a very infectious listen.

De Aarde Dorst opens the album with huge atmosphere, tortured screams layered with intense riffs that are fluid in mid-paced form. This track breaks down the barrier and leaves the rest of the album to be presented in full effect. There are moments where the listener gets lost and completely transfixed within the music and sheer ambience. Vuurslag is a prime example of this and like mentioned previously this is what sold me on the band. It is almost as if you are walking into a cacophony soundscape of desolation.

Another aspect that stands out are the drum sections. It is not just pure blast beats but instead there is variety with lots of odd changes and time signatures that somehow keep everything molded together and in a way makes everything all the more catchy, this can be heard in the track Eufrozyne.

Ontheemd is a bleak yet epic track, mixing slow melancholic passages that have a DSBM feel and then transitions into a pummeling melodic composition that fades out with distant yet prominent melodic riffs.

Nusquama have managed to release a very infectious album that feels fresh while still maintaining originality. This year has already seen a lot of great albums but this is yet another one that will be high up on my year end list.

Rating: 4/5

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