Longstretch’s Top Albums of 2018


The discerning and perceptive people at the Metal Wanderlust have asked me to nominate my top ten albums that I’ve listened to for 2018. I ask you, how do you rate albums that you’ve listened to when all of them have a special place dependent on the mood you’re in. Shit day at work?? You need something angry and brutal. Weekend, something fast and melodic may be the case. So here’s my list for good or for bad. You may not like every one of my choices I’ve presented but hopefully it starts an extensive conversation with your friends and acquaintances and there’s nothing better than sitting around discussing the good, bad and ugly of Metal music. With all that in mind, here we go

10 – Anger as Art – “Fast as Fuck” (Malevolence Records)

This album has biting riffage, full on drumbeat and razor-sharp vocals with enough venom and anger to frighten all the native wildlife. The pummeling and assault of the eardrums continues right through the entire album and stays true to its old school thrash roots.

9 – Defiatory – “Hades Rising(Black Lion Records)

Thrash Metal through & through. Awesome melodies, amazing guitar riffage and the power of the voice as an instrument is here in abundance.

8 – Organic – “Carved in Flkesh” (Testimony Records)

The Savage and roaring vocals combined with the thunderous drumming and oh so amazing chugging riffs provided the soundtrack to one of the most righteous nightmares I have ever had, and for that, I thank you!

7– Deathwards – “Towards Death” (Invictus Productions)

A five track ep of some of the best Death/Thrash you’ll ever hear. Deathward’s musicianship is laid out for all to hear including magnificent riffs, relentless drumming and storming vocals, and after you’ve had a listen you just won’t be able to disagree with me.

6 – Panzer Squad – “Ruins” (Testimony Records)

This album is pure chaos both vocally and instrumentally. From the first track to the last you get all the required headbanging, driving riffs and killer guitar solos. Another gem from the thrash factory in Germany.

5 – Necronomicon – “Unleashed Bastards” (El Puerto Records)                                                                                                               
Who can forget our Teutonic Templars. Beautifully crafted album by seriously multi talented and accomplished musicians. Favourite tracks for me were and still are: “Total Rejection” “Malevolent” “Religion Live Fast” & “Personal Enemy”.


4 –  Sahon “Chanting for the Fallen” (Transcending Obscurity Records)

Eight tracks of pure unadulterated thrash metal from our friends in South Korea. No filler tracks here and with more than a hint of the best of German and bay area influences, this album is a full frontal, total shirt front of imposing melodies from a band that obviously love what they do.

3 – Exalter“Persecution Automated” (Transcending Obscurity)

Exalter gave us this thrash beauty straight out of Bangladesh. Yea that’s right Bangladesh. This album truly rocks out and gives us generous serves of brutal riffs, aggressive vocals and driving drum beats. You really must get this gem.

2 – Primordial“Exile amongst the ruins”. (Metal Blade Records)

Modern day William Shakespeare. Poetry as lyrics, awesome accompanying sound. I get chicken skin every time I listen to this. So deep & visceral I feel every word and gladly go on the journey that they’ve laid out before me.

And my Number 1 for 2018 Drum-roll please, is……………..

1 – Aura Noir – “Aura Noire”. (Indie Recordings)

If I’m going on the elevator to the pits of Hades, I want this to play on the way down with me. I reckon I might even get a special place next to our lord and master when the doors slide open and his lordship hears this as well.

A special shout out to Archangel AD and their Debut EP “Warband”. This one really drew me in, and debut or not, this album is sensational. Please guys, start writing and recording and give me and the metal world a full-length album for 2019.

So, there you have it. My top ten albums of 2018. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll note that the list is worldwide. South Korea, Germany, Ireland and Bangladesh just to name a few. What a wonderful world our world of metal is.

Bring on 2019.



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