Album Review: Contemplations – Soliloquium


The death knell has sounded and Soliloquium have dropped their second full length album on us.  “Contemplations” is nothing but incredible, bringing the agonizing Doom and gloom merged with the growling Death Metal they are loved for. An incredible blend for any Metal fan.

After each listen, I have a new favorite track. From the start with “Chains“, almost nine minutes of desperation and wondering about life’s journey, this trio from Stockholm delivers masterful guitars supported by complex drum beats. Vocal variations from clear singing to barely understandable guttural growls. I often think about how best to describe an album. Sometimes it is easy, but listening to “Contemplations” leaves me speechless, just blown away by what I have heard.

The track “Wanderlust” closes this chapter from Soliloquium. A dreary reflection of what has passed and hope for what’s next. More to discover as we continue to roam, looking for more defining moments. Classic Doom imagery and feelings abound in the lyrics. A perfect ending to an amazing release.

Soliloquium’s Contemplations” is a must have for Doom Metal fans. and recent news from Stefan indicates that enough material is ready for a new album, continuing the journey started in this one here.  Pick up your copy as soon as you can. It doesn’t disappoint.

Rating:  4/5


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