Album Review: Vol. 6- Seer

Since 2014 Vacouver’s Seer have been gracing our ears with some pretty exquisite music. Fast forward to 2019 the band is getting ready to release their second full length album simply entitled Vol. 6. For those who are not familiar Seer are a Doom Metal band at the core but they take away from other genres as well. This gives the band an air of progression and a sound all their own. And this sound is supremely infectious and Vol. 6 harnesses that quality in full.

Seer are one of those bands that takes the listener on a journey through music. Weaving stories and wonder through their lyrics and songs. It is quite refreshing to hear a band take their talents and craft something so satisfying.

Opening track Oath of Exile presents a haunting introduction to this album, eerie chant like vocals ring through giving way into the following track Iron Worth Striking. The bass and riffs are like thunder and lightning that mirror the vocals that go back and forth between clean and harsh. This track is reminiscent of iron through and through, and will take the listener down a path of torment.

Seven Stars, Seven Stones charges forward with melodic power and a mix of slower and faster passages. The last few minutes of this song is filled with memorable solos and chuggy riffs that are perfect to headbang to.

Frost Tulpa is slow at the start but it builds up momentum with a mix of acoustic sections and whispered harsh vocals. But once this track speeds up the listener is met with growls and screams that are monstrous in tandem with sqealing guitars and huge doomy riffs that work perfectly together. It presents a very evocative aura and showcases the bands talent in the instrument and vocal department.

As The Light Fades is a track that held on and did not want to let go. It hooks you in with unwavering progression until the final notes ring. I found myself wanting to press play again and again.

Vol 6. is the perfect representation of the bands overall growth since the beginning. This album deserves to be recognized in every aspect and one that I feel will be revisted and remembered as time goes on. It is one that is tangible in feeling and makes for a very satisfying listen.

Rating: 4/5

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