Interview: Pemphigoid


Our always intrepid interviewer Meddlefan had a bit of a chat with certainly one of the greatest discoveries of last year to us, the mighty Pemphigoid! It’s pretty simple you know, you gotta love the ‘Goid!

First off, thanks for taking time to do this interview guys! For openers, what made you want to start making Death metal?

We all have a mutual love of the genre, so just made sense to go that way

Who is your largest influence when it comes to making music.

As a band we would have to say Bolt thrower, Carcass and Autopsy for sound and Imagery.

Who are your favourite bands?

Memoriam, Sepultura, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Entombed, Carcass, Necrophagia, Autopsy, Motorhead, Deicide

Where do you hail from?

Nottinghamshire, UK

What is your favourite food?

Rich and Bill are big fans of Indian food, Ash will just have steak wherever he goes. Unless it’s on the way home from a gig, in which case MacDonald’s is the place to go.

Do you like to skydive or rock climb any cool activities like that? What are some hobbies in which you may partake?

Bill is a rugby man but around work and family, we don’t really have time for hobbies, so Pemphigoid is our hobby.

How would you describe your writing style, Do you carry a notebook and write down ideas, Or would you rather sit and create with the whole band?

We usually come up with riffs at home, then just take them into the practice room and knock them out.


What can we expect from you this year, any tour plans perhaps?

We have a couple of really awesome gigs coming up, Including the BMF666 Easter Massacre in aid of the S.O.P.H.I.E foundation and Manchester Deathfest. Plans for a new album are coming on strong as well.

How is the progress on new material going?

Piecing songs together nicely, plenty of ideas flowing.

Where is your favourite place go?

Favourite place has got to be a gig, either playing or watching.

What are you favourite horror movies?

Rich is the Horror nut of the band, so we’ll let him answer this.

The original Dawn of the Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, Evil Dead, Day of the Dead, Friday the 13th, The Fly, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Lifeforce, Re-Animator, pretty much any 80’s video classic!

If you could be any horror character who would you be and why?

It’s got to be Ash from Evil Dead, hail to the King baby!

Do you have any other projects you would like to discuss?

Nah, Pemphigoid has our full attention.

Do you collect anything strange, or anything at all?

We all collect CD’s/vinyl’s and band t shirts, but Bill and Rich also like to collect action figures.

goid 1

What would be your favourite song on the album?

Ash – “Where Compassion Comes To Die

Rich –  “Necrolatry

Bill – That’s a tough one, can’t decide.

It was a great year for Death Metal last year, You were in my top albums. What albums did you like this year?

Nice one, glad  you enjoyed it. We really appreciate the support. Ash’s favourite Death Metal albums from 2018 were “The Silent Vigil” by Memoriam and “The Passage of Existence” by Monstrosity.

Rich’s were “Birth Of Ruin” by All Consumed, “Kingdom of Dead Souls” by Blood Oath, and “Lust of the Goat” by Blasphemer

Bill, all the above plus “Overtures of Blasphemy” by Deicide, and “To Drink From The Night Itself” by At The Gates

Any surprises for 2019 that you can tell us about?

Nah, we don’t do surprises, if we do anything, it’s straight to the point!!

What is the craziest shit you’ve ever done?

Rich once ate a worm omelette? Managed to keep it down as well and Bill has dived with sharks.

Thank you for doing this interview, very much appreciated, we are all huge fans here at The Metal Wanderlust!


Robert “Meddlefan” Darling.

goid 2

Here’s some links, be sure to check ‘em out if you haven’t already!

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