Album Review: Carved In Flesh – Organic


So I heard you guys like buzz-saws flying past your face at lightning speed, yes? Well I guess you’re in for a motherfucking treat then because this Italian based four piece sling these saws faster than Randy Johnson throws a baseball. coming off an EP in 2014 these blade slingers are back with a vengeance and taking all of us with them, Oh yeah, bonus two tracks are from the EP, “Death Battalion” courtesy of the mighty Testimony Records. With a total of eleven songs  these guys waste no time throughout the intense forty minutes of run time.

Opening this monster up you get an absolute foul smell probably from all of the guts and faeces that the buzz-saw is throwing around. “Suffocate in Blood” starts off in a heap of gunfire straight into the war that is Organic after you suffocate you get, “Shrouded in Darkness” that starts off with a bleak groovy riff straight into the showcased choke that vocalist Maxi Careri displays throughout the album and it’s filthy as fuck!

A little side note here, there is a track titled, “Der Fotzenknecht” and i just had to know what it meant. I stumbled across the site we all know and love Urban Dictionary and low and behold I got a definition of, ‘Pussy-servant’ and now that’s all I think when i listen to this album, oh the chuckles! Ha-ha, I’m an idiot, but anyways, BACK TO IT!

Other songs like, “I, Soulless” give us a great groove to bang our heads too and plenty of very cool guitar work with probably the most melody of any other song from the album. Great riffs and probably my favourite song from the album

Overall maybe not anything groundbreaking, but definitely neck breaking. This is a very solid debut from these Italians, especially making an album in the HM-2 realm that seems to be as stale as it is bogged down, these guys persevere and give us a really cool enjoyable listening experience especially around the dinner table. Testimony Records is on the rise and this was a great addition to the roster!  Give a listen in the link below!

Rating – 4/5

Get your filthy dirt rakers on this right here!

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