Album Review: Swarm – Godless


Ah India, the country that gave us Bollywood, is the number one producer of vegetarian cheese and is also the largest democracy in the world, now give us another marvel from the sub-continent, Godless and their five track EP “Swarm”. So, there are only actually four tracks, per say, one being an intro thingy, but these four are well, um, godless. See what I did there!

Track one “Exordium” is the intro to the EP, and brings demonic noises interspersed with running water, at least I think its water, bringing forth our four band members from the nadirs of the underworld, and by the time they arrive on our flat little world, which only takes fifty one seconds apparently, ”Infected by the Black” jumps out and unleashes a cacophony of sound which is just brilliant. Third track “From Beyond” proceeds to relentlessly hammer your eardrums with terrifying vocal shrieks, electrifying guitar solos, and frantic drumming, and just when you think you can’t take it anymore, “Deathcult” smashes you in the face and makes those same ears start to slowly trickle blood. Finally, “Empty Graves” finishes them off with a full-blown sensory pounding which brings copious amounts of haemorrhaging, as all great Death Metal should.

Swarm” only goes for fifteen minutes however, this is filled to bursting with frantic, brutal and oh so beautifully aggressive Death Metal with tinges of Thrash scattered in each track as well for good measure. The guitar work provides inspired riffage and brilliant solos, the vocals are viciously guttural and reek of uncompromising savagery, the drumming and rhythm are flawless, and all this keeps the whole EP hurtling and pummelling along like a super typhoon heading towards landfall gaining more and more fury as it tracks towards the coastline.

This EP shows that Godless have all the prerequisite technical musicianship, song writing skills and music production ability to launch an exceptional full-length album and I can’t wait to hear it.

Rating – 4/5

Get smacked around the head right here!

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