Concert Review: Haunt/Idle Hands/Hell Fire- January 19th @ Catch One/The Union Los Angeles CA

Last night at the Catch One Born for Burning hosted a gathering of LA’s Metal Scene to witness a great line-up of fantastic bands. I admit that while I frequent many concerts I usually do not find myself at one with Traditional Heavy Metal bands but seeing as Haunt and Idle Hands have found their way into my rotation I could not miss it.

Photo Credits: © Adrian Mejia/Metal Warzone

First up was Hell Fire and this was my introduction to the band. These guys hail from San Francisco/Oakland CA and play an eclectic blend of Heavy Metal that is enough to set fire to everyone in their paths. These guys were super energetic and it was a great way to start the evening. Vocalist Jake Nunn has a fantastic voice that pierces and works in perfect tandem with the rest of the band in a way that forms a powerhouse of sonic sound. It defintely brought people forward to head bang in unison. I remember saying to myself afterwards that I needed to go snag a vinyl from the merch table pronto! Their album Free Again is available now via Riding Easy Records.

Idle Hands hailing from Portland Oregon were the subjects of a glowing review I wrote about their EP Don’t Waste Your Time. I have to give credit to Jake Superchi of Uada for sharing these guys a while back because they have been on my playlist ever since. This was the bands fourth show and just like their EP I was instantly drawn in. Their cohesive vibe and musicianship was just as infectious live as it was on recording. The crowd seemed to be just as excited as I was to be seeing these fine gents perform with vigor. Vocalist/Guitarist Gabriel Franco sang his heart out and guitarist Sebastian Silva played with passion. Together with the rest of the band they managed to play a great set with songs like Blade and the Will and By Way of Kingdom being the favorites.

Now onto Haunt who graced my top list of albums for their 2018 release Burst into Flame. By this time the crowd had squeezed closer to the front in anticipation. This band if you have not heard them yet I suggest you do and if you can, go see them live because you will not be disappointed. They are fun and give off such a great energy that you cannot help but give in and let loose. Trevor William Church is a music writing machine and seeing his craft live is a real treat. Together he and guitarist John Tucker managed to present their amazing twin guitar work with catchy solos and melodies while bassist Taylor Hollman and drummer Daniel Wilson kept the beat and thunder alive. Once the opening notes of Burst into Flame rang out the crowd went wild and enthusiastically sang along mirroring the passion of the group. This song has become a bit of a personal anthem for myself and I could see that others felt the same, it has an inspiring ring to it. Once the last song was over I was hungry for more but alas all good things must come to an end.

This was a great show and one for the books, and those who were in attendance showed these bands that LA is passionate about their Metal. All involved each played fantastic sets and it was a fun night. Thanks everyone!

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