Album Review: Morbid Black Trinity – Master’s Call

master's call

Legend says; “Conjured from unholy darkness, Master’s Call walk forth through the flames beyond the gates with conviction and grit on their side.” True or otherwise, one thing that I stand by is just what a damn fine listen, “Morbid Black Trinity”, the debut EP from  the Wolverhampton Black/Death Metal five piece Master’s Call is!

This three track EP, spanning just seventeen minutes may be brief but it clearly demonstrates just what Master’s Call are capable of and leaves you wanting for more and that is always a good thing, so no surprises that the line-up is made up of seasoned musicians including vocalist Shayan, formerly of Iranian Black Metal bands Lavizan Jangal and Trivax. he was born in Tehran, Iran, and ran the risk of jail or even potentially execution for writing and performing Black Metal there, before moving to the UK in 2011 to pursue the  freedom of expression as a Metal musician.  

But getting back to the EP, one of the many aspects that make this EP so compelling is that there is a powerful story behind each track, as explained by the band: “Morbid Black Trinity” encompasses the darkness of faith, body and spirit with three powerful tracks that each tells a different potent story. “From Once Beneath The Cursed” depicts the incarnation of a physical embodiment conjured from the underlying madness, hate and evil of the world.

“The Spire Cranes” represents the holy buildings that tower high to cast the reach of their oppressive symbols of faith afar, but can be broken down through the cracks in their holy walls.

“My Eyes Are The Night” assumes the perspective of a hunter that stalks the night, preying on victims who have lost themselves amid the atrocities of the world, by manipulating them into sacrificing themselves for the false hope of a greater existence beyond our own.”

It’s an up tempo offering that is densely rich in sound, well considered, composed and delivered. Multi-layered with dense rich blackened riffing, soaring lead work swathes and squealing shreds, the drum work naturally matches with its complex and unrelenting battery and the vocal delivery from  Shayan is raw rasping but crystal clear in content delivery supported by well delivered layers of backing vocals adding extra depth where necessary, particularly on “The Spire Cranes” and subtly symphonic elements are added for extra depth on “From Once Beneath The Cursed”..

Morbid Black Trinity” was recorded and mixed by Neil Haynes at The Parlour Studios in Northampton and mastered by Peter In De Betou at Tailor Maid Productions (Necrophobic, Dimmu Borgir, Watain) in Sweden. The EP artwork was created by the band’s own John Wilcox and Adam Tricklebank. “Morbid Black Trinity” is set for self release on the 25th of January, and should be of interest to fans of Dimmu Borgir, Conjurer, Behemoth or similar. A singularly superb EP from a band that I think deserves  and will achieve success and wider acknowledgement.

Rating –  5 /5

Have a listen right here!


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