Album Review: Dreaming in a Dead Language- Mo’ynoq

Black Metal is such a fascinating genre, it can take listeners on a journey to other worlds and leave them filled with emotion. With such a versatile medium artists are able to use this to channel everything from turmoil to triumph, there is no shortage of possibilities. The great thing about running a website is that we are often given some stellar music from bands far and wide, some well known others more underground.

One such album landed in our inbox which happens to be the subject of this review. North Carolina Black Metal outfit Mo’ynoq have just a demo and an EP under their belts and Dreaming in a Dead Language is their self released full length which is out now. There are plenty of great Black Metal bands that have come out of the USA and the bar has been set pretty high in recent years.

The band is Black Metal but there are other elements here that make this an all the more immersive album. There are moments of progressive metal, atmospheric, and even a little bit of doom which makes for a very dark ride through the soundwaves.

Opening track Empyreal Decay starts things off with a bang, the vocals are tinged with agony and pain, yet furiously delivered. This song does not hold your hand or slow down instead it pummels forward in a cacophony of soundscapes. This is also how I would describe the band’s overall presence and that is what makes this genre so rewarding as I have said on numerous occasions.

From the agressive Sludge tinged sound of The Collector that envelops you in searing rage to the instrumental track Doomed to Endure there is no shortage of atmosphere and intesity to go around. This album is a grandiose representation of the extreme metal genre and between the vocals and melodic guitars one can feel they are trapped in a void of intense emotional bullets, that pass through each track beckoning you to keep listening.

This is a infectious album and the band has managed to weave a stunning portryal of musicianship and vigor.

Rating: 4/5

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