The Metal Wanderlust’s Top Albums of 2018-Part VI

Scorched-Ecliptic Butchery

Absolute savage record. The theme is great, the riffs are fantastic, and the production is insane. By far my most listened to album of this year and for years to come. The atmosphere here is fantastic as it plays into the benchmark Scorched sounding deathmetal. Sounds like the best horror movie soundtrack of all time and that riff in Barbarous Experimentation, god damn it rules. Pick this up ASAP.

Mortuous-Through Wilderness

Absolute filth. It’s messy, dirty, and shreddy all in the best ways possible. These guys brought their A+ game on this record. The guitar harmonies are infectious and the vocals are the best. Couldn’t recommend this one enough.

Tomb Mold-Manor of Infinite Forms

This one goes without being said, The Tomb Mold boys came back as strong as ever never backing down from their own sound and absolutely crushing it this year. Not only with this classic full length but also with an insanely good demo. 2018 was the year of Tomb Mold no doubt.

Lago-Sea of Duress

FUCKING DENSE is how i describe this record. The dissonant edge these guys bring is just enough to please the obscure music lovers and the riffs are enough to grab everyone else and lets not forget to add a little groove in there. Fucking great stuff here.


Speaking of obscure music, Ulthar might be the most obscure of all but in the best way possible! This beast is just that, a beast that came to take your soul, and you just let it too. This is some great blackened death that is so infectious and the lyrics that summons a tea party with Satan himself. That tea party rules and so does this album

Outer Heaven-Realms of Eternal Decay

Another filthy classic record that Relapse hit a home run with. Coming off super strong demos and splits, These Pennsylvania death metal masters perfected their craft and put out one of the strongest debuts of all time.

Our Place of Worship is Silence-With Inexorable Suffering

They describe their sound as, “Death metal for the elite.” and dammit if they aren’t wrong. these guys are ELITE and they know it. Great songwriting with pummeling riffs. My favorite thing on this record is the vocals, they’re just different than normal DM vocals and it flows so well.


No surprise here. My love for this band is always expanding and Desolation was no different. The vocal harmonies, the guitar melodies, the song writing. Literally everything about this record is incredible. They have parts for everyone on the extreme music spectrum.

Construct of Lethe-Exiler

Scorcher right here folks. If you’re a fan of Immolation, Gorguts, and anything dense this record right here is more than enough to make you put your trusty boner pants on. The song writing is insane and the way it all blends makes it such a good record. always have to blast it at least twice when I jam it.

Dødsferd-Diseased Remnants Of A Dying World

Grab your blankets before turning this one on. Guaranteed to make your house 5° cooler. Straight out of hell, Dodsferd deliver an evil, ritualistic bm album that is as sophisticated as it is terrifying. It feels like a scene out of a horror movie slicing your throat before sacrificing your body. One hell of a ride it is.

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