Album Review: Warband – Archangel A.D.


I’m guessing by now that those of you who read my gibbering musings on Metal know that I have a fair bit of love for Thrash metal. So, in keeping with the theme, I give you Archangel AD and their 6 track EP “Warband

Archangel AD reside in Edinburg, Texas and this is their debut EP. While there’s plenty of superlatives that I could have used to describe Warband, the best one that says it all is WOW! I just cannot stop listening to this. I love it when I get surprised by an album, and this is one of the best surprises I’ve had in ages.

This EP has everything a Thrash metaller, nay everyone who loves metal in general, could want. Blistering guitars, intense drumming, excellent song writing and musical skills that belies their early life in the world of Metal. I’ve heard bands that have been around forever and still couldn’t match these guys. I’m guessing that everyone involved with the making of this album had a ball because that’s what leaps out at you and for that I thank Archangel AD. You’ve made a longstanding Thrasher very happy.

Unto the Evil” kicks off this extraordinary EP and brings all the appropriate elements including quality riffage and drumming that pounds you within an inch of your life. Technically this track, along with the rest of this epic EP, is so damn good. By the way, this track ends with the sound that most of us have when waking up in the morning after heading off to a beer drenched smoke-filled Metal gig and coming home round six am. Listen and you’ll see what I mean. Funny as shit!

Blightning” is next up and jumps right out of the speakers, and when I say jump, I’m really saying leaps out like some vicious beast about to vault on its prey. This track starts at a rampant rate and then the tempo accelerates from fast to faster and then on to ludicrous speed in the blink of an eye. “Warband” is the title track and is precise, monumental and brilliantly crafted. “Enter the Temple” is a fucking epic instrumental track. The guitar work is immense and covers for the lack of lyrical content superbly. This track truly shows how technically first-rate Archangel AD are. Consummate musicians with masterly skills.

Just to show their metal chops, “Evil Dream” could quite easily fit on any doom album with its powerful and intense guitar licks combined with heavy, soulful lyrics and vocals. Reckon we’ve all had an evil dream at one point or another. I’m thinking Pennywise meets Jason meets Freddy Kreuger. Remember waking up with that uneasiness in the pit of your stomach and cold sweat dripping down the back of your neck, well this is the soundtrack for that nightmare.

Metal Horde” is the new Thrash anthem of the future. It’s all there, magic riffs, progressive tempo, demolishing vocals and it’s just immensely captivating. To prove my point, here’s a small portion of the chorus lyrics “Hair Down, Horns Up, It’s time to fuck shit up, Thrash hard, thrash mean, thrash crazy like a machine, Head bang, headstrong”. You with me now?

For those of you that say Thrash metal is dead and had its day, you really need to have a listen to Archangel AD and I say, no I promise, it will change your mind. For those that know that Thrash lives on, go get this quick sticks. Don’t fuck around and don’t wait for someone else to grab it and then “borrow” it. If you live in Texas, go see them, everyone else, pay the fucking money for the EP and be a leader among men. Without making too much of it, the future of Thrash metal depends on us all supporting guys like these!

Rating – 5/5

Thrash hard right here!

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