Interview: Obsidian Shrine


Thanks for responding so quickly to our request for a chat, I really appreciate getting the opportunity to do this interview with you.

Nazgûl: I thank you for reaching out to us.

Where are you from and where did you grow up?

Nazgûl: I am from southern KY right on the KY / TN border (Kentucky/Tennessee). This has been my home my whole life.

How many bands or projects have you been in before Obsidian Shrine?

Nazgûl: I am actively involved in Gorgy aside from Obsidian Shrine, I have also been in Fornicus, Scars of Suffering, Storming Heaven and others less relevant to extreme metal.

When did you decide to start creating great music?

Nazgûl: I was 5 the first time I realized I wanted to be a musician. At that age I knew I wanted to play music, get a tattoo, my ear pierced and have a motorcycle. I’ve been fortunate enough to have done all and more. To elaborate I played my first show when I was 13 and first extreme metal project when I was 15.

Who are the biggest influences in your life?

Nazgûl: That is a question that can go many directions. My father is my biggest life influence even long after he has passed. Musically my first influence was Kiss, followed by Black Sabbath and then growing heavier and darker from there. My anti faith is also a major influence in the content I create and why I do so.

What makes Obsidian Shrine different than other bands ? What separates you from them?

Nazgûl: I believe first and foremost if no one ever listened to us it wouldn’t change why we exist. Obsidian Shrine started with no expectation of anyone outside of the jam room even caring. We truly hope that those who listen embrace our message of dogmatic liberation and encourage others to let go of the stigma religious ideals inflict upon the masses.

How do you get the lyrics and creative ideas for the songs?

Nazgûl: The riffs I write come to me almost as if they already exist on a diabolical plane of existence and I am the medium they have chosen to come into this earthly realm. Lyrically, our topics are a result of our disgust and personal experiences. Ultimately we hope our music and lyrics inspire anyone attached to a dogmatic idea to let go and become free. For those already free we hope to revitalize the reasons why they have chosen a path free from delusion.

What are some of your favorite foods?

Nazgûl: Speaking for myself only. I am a bit of a foodie. I love Italian and Tex Mex. Aside from that I also adore foods from all over the world as I have experienced feasts from Bosnia, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Austria, Holland and more. The sheer amount of carnal pleasure from properly prepared food is endless and should be explored with an open mind and empty stomach.


Where would you like to play live if you had the chance?

Nazgûl: A personal goal and dream is to play Wacken, Dynamo, Metal Days & Steelfest to name a few. In the United States there is a festival in Colorado called Shadow Woods fest I think that would be great as well. We are excited to say we are performing the 2019 Age of Barbatos Deathfest and Blood of the Wolf fest.

What was your favorite concert you have attended?

Nazgûl: That’s extremely difficult for me to narrow down to one because so many mean different things to me. However to point out one I often reference to as an amazing experience would be Milwaukee Metalfest 1998. The first extreme metal show I ever went to was in 97 I believe. Abominant, Deaden and Assisting Sorrow in Louisville, KY. I wasn’t even old enough to get in the bar and Mike May from Abominant told the owner I was in the band to get me in. An unforgettable moment for me.

How have people responded to the new album?

Nazgûl: In general we have had a lot of positive response. Physical CD sales aren’t what they used to be but streaming and digital formats are being well received. It’s also been an honor to see our name popping up in several AOTY lists for 2018.

What is your favorite horror movie and or character? Why?

Nazgûl: My personal favorite horror movie is The Exorcist. I first saw it as a small child and it scared the hell out of me. Took years to watch it again. The concept, the history the characters were phenomenal to me. Having met Linda Blair, it was dream come true. The movie spawned a fascination with the dark side that carried on into adulthood.

Do you prefer fantasy or science fiction? Do you prefer books or movies ?

Nazgûl: To be honest I enjoy both but lean towards fantasy for movies and sci fi for books. However when I read I tend to read less for entertainment and more for information. Whether it be history, social or philosophy.

What is your favorite book?

Nazgûl: That is a difficult question for me personally because it tends to be whatever book I am hooked on at the moment.

Who is your favorite writer?

Nazgûl: Edgar Allan Poe, William Peter Blatty, H. P. Lovecraft are my favorites.

Who is your favorite artist?

Nazgûl: H. R. Giger, hands down.  His vision of the world and beyond are so extremely fascinating to me.

Where is the coolest place you have ever been ?

Nazgûl: Collectively, just being able to travel and see many places has been wonderful. A very fond memory I have is being on a tour bus and watching the sun rise over the Austrian Alps. The beauty of that scene was breathtaking.

Do you like to do any outdoor activities like rock climbing,  fishing, hiking, skydiving?

Nazgûl: I personally am an avid hunter and fisherman. I also enjoy camping and just escaping the modern world for the wilderness. The beauty the world has to offer when you go off the grid is amazing.

Do you have any really cool collections? What is the favorite out of them if you do?

Nazgûl:  I have a casket collection. The range in size from 3 inches to 7 feet tall. I also have some oddities, all of which are uniquely special to me.

What is your favorite type/style of music?

Nazgûl: Death metal, Black metal and Grind are what I gravitate to most. Outside of those genres I have always adored and grew up with Bluegrass and Folk music. I have also played those since I was a child.

Are you already writing new material or do you always have material ready to go?

Nazgûl: We have 3 new songs already in the works with plans for more. 2019 will likely be a slow year for us playing out to take time to write a new album which will be titled “Luciferum In Medio Ominium Nostrum”. Which translates to Lucifer within us all.

What can we expect from Obsidian Shrine in 2019?

Nazgûl: For now we are scheduled to play the Age of Barbatos deathfest in Lexington, KY as well as Blood of the Wolf Fest. Aside from that we have a clear vision to write a new album and hopefully continue to spread our current album “Anno Domini Satanas” further around the world.

It’s been a pleasure to talk with you. Anything further you would like to add?

Nazgûl: On behalf of my brothers in Obsidian Shrine we appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us. For those unfamiliar our album “Anno Domini Satanas is available on all of your favorite streaming sites. For those who still prefer physical copies they can be obtained at our label page , you can also keep informed on the band by liking and following our page at  and our label page at Please also check out our label mates. Support the underground and sacrifice your faith upon the Obsidian Shrine.

Many thanks to you Robert for speaking with us.

And many thanks to you again for your time, hopefully we can talk again later in the year.

Robert “Meddlefan “Darling

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