Album Review: Arctic Blood – Siniestro


This four track EP gives us just a small taste of what Swedish Metallers, Siniestro do, and do very well. Think of a sampler box if you will. Four different styles of metal tracks but each as splendid as the other.

Feel like some Blackened Thrash?? The first track “Arctic Blood” does the trick. It runs for just two minutes, but it’s two minutes of brutal vocals, fantastic riffage and frenetic drumming. Number two “Pesten” is even shorter than the first, however, all the requirements for an exceedingly worthy Metal track are there. I mean, why do a track for five to seven minutes when you can say everything you want to in a short time and still have the same intensity.

What about a bit of Melodic Death Metal?? Then the third number “Exitium Vivorum Omnes” is for you. This starts off with a beautiful acoustic guitar which sets the scene and the track builds nicely as the other instruments make their mark into this piece. I really like this number. It just keeps building and building to this wonderful crescendo. Bit like going on an epic Viking voyage I would imagine. Start slowly on the voyage, plan your next moves, land and then pillage and plunder to your heart’s content or as written in the lyrics, “take no-one alive”.

Anyone for some Black Metal then try the fourth and final, “Strength & Pride” on for size. There is such a righteous riff that cuts right through this track and, from there, everything else is expertly constructed around it with passion and precision.

Commander, who happens to be the vocalist, shows his range through each of the four tracks and seamlessly moves from one genre to another as do the others in the band, The Machine & Bass Riot, how fucking cool are these names, brilliantly and seemingly effortlessly complete the percussion and rhythm side of things.

The whole EP runs for around Ten minutes or so, so it’s quite difficult to write an expansive review on what these guys can do in this quite short time frame. If, like I mentioned before, they wanted to give us a quick listen of what they can accomplish and their majestic level of metal abilities then job well done say I.  An impressive listen, even if it sadly ends just as your getting comfortable.

I’m thinking that this EP is just an introduction to a more substantial offering, which is yet to come, so we all can enjoy traversing the Metal styles of Siniestro.

Rating – 4/5

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