The Metal Wanderlust’s Top Albums of 2018- Part II

These are my favourite albums that I listened to in the past year in alphabetic order.


Dirge – Ah Puch
Mayan and Aztec Mythology inspired doom metal from India. On Au Puch the band channels the New Orleans sludge sound making it one of the most unique albums I’ve heard this year.

Espionage – Digital Dystopia
Debut full length from the Australian act is a well executed power/heavy metal devoid of any cheesiness. Guitarists Denis Sudzuka and Matt Carroll put on an impressive showcase. I am pretty sure they won’t stay unsigned for too long.

Gaera – Unsettling Whispers
The hooded Portuguese act produced a truly unsettling listening experience, that haunted me after a few spins. Easily the best black metal release I heard this year.

Irreversible Mechanism – Immersion
On their second album, Irreversible Mechanism added post apocalyptic atmosphere to their fretboard acrobatics, creating a memorable listen.

Ken Mode – Loved
On their 8th album, the Canadian noise trio crafted a darker sound, adding extreme metal elements to the mix. A pummelling listen from start to finish.

Khemmis – Desolation
Desolation is a masterpiece that will appeal to fans of doom metal as well as classic heavy metal. The album I listened to the most this year.

Møl – Jord
There was a lot of buzz about this album in the months leading up to release, one listen of Penumbra was all that it took for me to believe that is is true. Møl stands out among the Deafhaven clones.

Pig Destroyer – Head Cage
The noted grindcore act have built a reputation for their razor sharp riffs and vivid lyrics. On their latest release, they toned down the intensity but remain potent as ever.

Sojourner – The Shadowed Road
The Shadowed Road is a cracker. The guitar riffs are accentuated by the dual vocals and sublime production. The album avoids the avoids the cheesy cliches of most folk metal ensuring in multiple listens.

The Armed – Only Love
Only Love is metallic hardcore and electronica in a blender, the album smashes everything in its’ path with the wall of sound production. Each track left me guessing what was coming next just as most did about the identity of the band members.

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