The Metal Wanderlust’s Top Albums of 2018- Part I

It has been one hell of a year for Metal and since we have a great team of writers we have decided to split this up. I am kicking this off with my top picks for 2018. This was not an easy feat but without further ado here we go…

1. Uada- Cult of a Dying Sun

Uada’s sophomore release was highly anticipated in my books and this album did not come as a disappointment. I have been following these fine gents since the beginning and I am happy at the progress they have made. A most furious and brilliant Black Metal release from a talented amazing band.

2. Haunt- Burst Into Flame

I was pleasantly surprised by this gem of an album and I found myself spinning it again and again and it has not gotten old. An infectious and fun Heavy Metal release.

3. Dødsferd- Diseased Remnants of a Dying World

Dødsferd have been making their rounds in the underground and this release came crawling into existence. It is a bleak and innovative piece that has fit perfectly into the extreme metal world.

4. YOB- Our Raw Heart

I never thought that Yob would end up on a personal top list but Our Raw Heart is backed by an emotional and inspirational story. It is a powerful and monumental soundtrack to the light at the end of the tunnel.

5. Iskandr- Euprosopon

Iskandr came to me out of left field and hit me square in the face. This album is unique and addicting. A great Black Metal album to play on those rainy nights.

6. Dödsrit- Spirit Crusher

Spirit Crusher is a perfect journey through the realms of Atmospheric, Crust, D-Beat and Black Metal. This band sparked my interest with the Self Titled EP and this album does not disappoint.

7. Sixes- Methistopheles

Worship Amps not gods, this is the mantra that Sixes stand behind and if you like your Doom heavy and blackened this is for you. This album is a sonic wall of sound that gets better and better with each listen.

8. Infernal Coil- Within a World Forgotten

I remember seeing Infernal Coil live and was immediately drawn into their sound. It is hard to classify as it takes away from various genres. This is a kick in the gut tumultuous whirlwind that needs to be experienced.

9. Groza- Unified In Void

This album grows on you with every listen and passes in and out of images between the veil. A stellar Black Metal release that is a must have for the collection.

10. Svartmálm- S/T

A lot of Atmosphere and even more feeling went into this self titled Black Metal release. It was a no brainer to include this on the list and I am definitely eager for more.

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