Interview: Cadaveric Incubator


Meddlefan recently had a bit of a chat with Necroterror  of Cadaveric Incubator fame. Turns out he’s one heck of a good guy! Good old Meddles isn’t always this blunt question wise mind you, this is just a summary, he likes to keep it short and to the point ha-ha. Read on and enjoy!

What music had the biggest impact on you growing up?

The first band I was fan of was KISS on very early age and that has still not changed, still a huge fan of their especially 70’s stuff. But what really blew my mind on another level was getting introduced to Iron Maiden when getting their Powerslave album upon its release in mid 80s.  Along came of course all the other 70s & 80s heavy metal and hard rock faves that are too many to list. The final pact with the Devil was made when getting Venom’s At War With Satan after which there was no return! I guess the usual route back then from heavy to speed to thrash to death and black metal and then to the deepest pits of the underground and never back!

How many albums have you made?

With Cadaveric Incubator it’s been just one this far, our last year’s debut full length “Sermons of the Devouring Dead”. Apart from that there’s been some demos and EP’s throughout the years. Preparing our second album now as we speak.

Are you involved in other projects or just Cadaveric incubator?

Yes all three of us play in some other bands too which are all morbid underground metal too but I guess since you all will be reading this online I’m sure the interested ones can google things up so lets talk about the band in question here which is Cadaveric Incubator.

What is the music scene like where you live?

I don’t really follow it but at least here in Helsinki it seems very alive. Tons of good shows regularly and really good support at them regardless if its death or black or doom or thrash or heavy metal or whatever.. not too many genre purists here which is cool. I have no interest going out too much myself anymore but at least I know whenever we play it’s always killer. Finnish bands in general rule supreme so nothing to complain here.


What is your favorite music? Favorite band?

This got pretty much answered in the first question already as the biggest faves have stayed with me all these years. Nowadays I find myself listening most of the times music from the 70’s but overall its big variety of different kind of music though metal always stays up there  the most superior. Favourite band without any doubt is Judas Priest now and forever!

How do you approach writing your music? Do you sit and write and collaborate together or is their a different approach?

Well honestly said I can’t do shit just sitting down and deciding that now I’m gonna write a song. So most of the best riffs and ideas appear in my mind always at the most inconvenient of times like at work or something like that and then I will struggle the hours of getting home picking up the guitar to still remember them.  It’s a pain in the ass but I guess everyone has their way and this one is mine. I can’t just sit down and write, it has to come from somewhere. Most of the Cadaveric songs I bring to the rehearsals halfway done and then we work the arrangements together.

I prefer physical releases for the creativity of the album or cd artwork and inlays. Do you prefer physical releases or digital? Do you think digital releases have killed the underground bands?

Physical all the way of course. For me a record is a record and nothing will ever change that. I do listen music online too nowadays for conveniency on occasions like at car or work but it will never be an option of replacing anything. I don’t know about killing the underground completely but sure it’s harder for actual worthy bands to stand out from the endless sea of shit when any idiot can now record and “release” their garbage online with no real effort.

Who is your favorite horror character?

Count Dracula by Sir Christopher Lee, no contest there!

What is your favorite horror movie or movies?

Just as with music, there’s too many to mention and the first love always remains special so for me all the classic Hammer Horror still stands out as they were the first that I ever watched. Apart from that I love so much of everything that is the 70s and 80s horror, gore and sleaze that its pretty useless to start listing so I think it’s just easier to rule out all the soulless new shit and with new I mean starting from the 90s already. And that goes with not just horror.

Do you have any hobbies? If so what may they be

Don’t have really any besides everything involving music which is already enough time consuming besides work and my family. I’ve always liked travelling as much as I can if that counts as a hobby but with all the occupations in everyday life there’s sadly not that much time left for that either anymore.

Do you have any cool collections?

Just the music collection which I have been downsizing a lot already in the last few years but the around 2000  titles of vinyl and CD that are left are still a bit too much space taking so there still needs to be more extermination done until there are just the essentials left.  Used to have big collection of demo tapes thats I’ve been collecting since the early 90s but sold almost all of them couple years ago since I realized that as much as I liked having them, the tapes were there mostly just to collect dust and most of the worthy recordings were already available repressed on other formats that I prefer.

Any touring coming up besides Europe?

There is an offer and a plan currently about a tour outside of Europe which we are now considering but I don’t want to fuck up anything by announcing something that is still missing the final confirmation. But hoping for the best and everything will be announced when the time is right!

What is your favorite place you have visited?

Finland is my favourite place on earth but I suppose you mean elsewhere so… there’s too many to pick one but maybe Japan and Colombia stand out as places I definitely wanna return to. I really love also travelling in Russia and all the other post-Soviet countries as well as the rest of eastern European Slavic regions, something in the spirit there (not only the vodka but sure, that too!) that I really feel close to.



Which one is your favorite song from the album?

I don’t know really, never thought of that but what I enjoy playing most is the our title track Cadaveric Incubator, totally relentless non-stop brutality so let’s say that one then.

What is your favorite sci-fi movie or series?

None really. Unless something like The Thing or Alien counts as ones? I did watch some series like Battlestar Galactica when I was kid but it never struck me as much as lets say horror did. I do like some of the old ones like from 50’s and so on like for example Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the likes.

Do you enjoy reading ? If so what type of books?

Used to read much more in past but right now I haven’t had time to properly pick up a book in years! Something I need to improve again hopefully soon. Favourite kind of books are in the lines of my interests in general so pretty much anything indecent and obscene goes!

One last question before we wrap this up, future plans? More albums perhaps, maybe some different projects?

We are having few months break now from playing shows as we want to try focus on working on the new album that should be recorded at some point in 2019. No any projects, at least new ones in mind. Just planning to come back soon with a new album even more dirty and disgusting than before. Thanks for the interview, keep it morbid!

Many thanks to you too for a great Interview! And there you have it folks, a great guy just like we said! If you haven’t checked out Cadaveric Incubator yet then you should definitely follow this link, but only after you punch yourself in the forehead repeatedly for being such a twat and not having heard them yet!

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