Album Review: Vindictive Miscreant – Master


I’MMMMM BACCCKKKKKK!!!!! Finally getting back in the swing of things this week! I’ve been so busy with my own music that I haven’t really got to sit back and enjoy some newer stuff that’s been made available to me recently, but that shit changes right now! The great god of Transcending Obscurity has gifted us with me the sickest of gifts, the being the new motherfucking Master record! Holy shit you guys are in for a treat. Not that it’s surprising because these Death Metal legends haven’t missed a beat in I don’t know, thirty God damn years? So sit back, relax and listen to the soothing sounds of Paul Speckmann screaming filthy nothings in your ear.

YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A VINDICTIVE MISCREANT” is pretty much what I’ve been saying to everyone that I’ve come across since I’ve been jamming this. It hasn’t really gotten me real far except people give me weird looks and I’m single now but other than that… However for this album it sets the tone early and let’s you know they are coming out swinging. The way Speckmann just emphasises “Miscreant” is just so filthy and immediately gives the listener goosebumps before he even finishes the word, let alone the fucking riff that follows that pummels the narrative into your head, “Well I guess that’s what I am now, Thanks guys”,This song thrashes from the open and doesn’t stop.

As the album moves along it gets into the grooviness with galloping riffs and bass lines that’ll get your Grandma into the pit. The drums are so crisp and the off kilter riffs just fit so well. Songs like, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”  with a riff in the middle of the piece that’s SOOOO FUCKING BAD ASS. Might be my favorite on the album and it’ll have you leaping around like a madman!                                       

Overall it’s so fucking sick and I love it. Definitely going into my end of the year list which is coming VERY SOON. Can’t wait to reveal it to you guys but before I go I have something else to tell ya.


Rating – 4/5


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