Album Review: Fast As Fuck – Anger As Art.


Today I bring you a release that is an exercise in blistering Thrash/Speed metal with other stuff thrown in for good measure! Here is Anger as Art and their live album ‘Fast as Fuck’. Pretty befitting title if you ask me cause these guys are most definitely as the title of the album suggests. Only two speeds to this album, fast and then even faster.

These purveyors of the old school art are out of LA and there is no bullshit to be had with this album. Around since 2004, the band show they know how to put on a damn good show. Add in the bands they are or have also been involved with (Evil Dead, Bloodlust, Abattoir, Necroscope etc) and you have some long history, and that experience shines through on the whole package.

Thirteen of the Sixteen tracks are all recorded live, and I’m positive this would have been an awesome show to be at with plenty of circle work and raised horns being the order of the day. “Gods of Hate” start off sixteen seditious tracks of mayhem and madness and what a way to set this album in motion. This is Thrash 101, biting riffage, full on drumbeat and razor-sharp vocals with enough venom and anger to frighten away any and all wildlife. The pummeling and assault of your eardrums continues right through the entire affair, and stays true to its old school Metallic roots.

Track seven “Time Devours Life” puts you in mind of Municipal Waste but on steroids. Two minutes and thirty seven seconds of ferocious, abrasive and downright barbarous pandemonium. Favourite tracks are track four “Unknowing Dead”, the eighth one, “The Crush” and a big definite is number nine, “Hammer, Blade and Twisting Fire”. I reckon I’ve gone back to this track at every opportunity. It’s fast and yet melodic with an onslaught of oh so prodigious machine gun guitars.

The production for a live album is right on the money. Each instrument, and I’m including the vocals here, can be heard distinctly with no muddy overtones or non-recognizable background noise usually associated with a lot of live recordings.

Want to be able to release all the pent-up anger of a week of dealing with dickhead bosses, paying bills and shitty FM radio playing the same turduosity repeatedly? Tay Tay anyone?, Anyone?? Nah,didn’t fucking think so. Just slip this impudent little baby on and let all those feelings dissipate and flow from your body and out into the gutter where they belong.

Do we love Thrash/Speed Metal? HELL YEAH, and this album is packed with aggression, intensity and enough variation to keep you engaged. This needs to be on heavy rotation for every Thrash metaller out there.

Rating: 4/5

Thrash hard or die right here!

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